Quick Decoding

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Quick links to decode engine suffix codes, interior codes, paint codes, etc. and the Chevelle Family Tree.


* Terms, expressions, names of parts, models, etc. used on this website and in the depths of people's minds

Engine Stuff

* Alternator Numbers/Dates
* Crankshaft Casting Numbers
* Cylinder Head Casting Number by Year
* Distributor Numbers/Dates
* Engine Block Casting Number by Number - small block Chevrolet - coming
* Engine Block Casting Number by Number - big block Chevrolet - coming
* Engine Block Casting by Year/2- and 4-bolt Main ID
* Engine Block Stamping ID/Date/CE (Chevrolet Engine) Information
* Engine Suffix Codes (V8) - Chevelle specific - 1964 through 1972 by year
* Engine Suffix Codes (V8) - All Chevrolet - 1955 through 1975 by code
* Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers/Dates
* Holley Carburetor Numbers/Dates
* Ignition Coil Numbers
* Intake Manifold Casting Numbers/Dates
* Paint/Plating, Engine Compartment
* Rochester Carburetor Numbers/Dates
* Spark Plug (AC Delco OEM)
* Spark Plug and Coil Wires
* Starter Numbers/Dates
* Water Pump Casting Numbers/Dates

Transmission Stuff

* Manual 3-speed transmissions
* Muncie 4-speed Casting Numbers/Decoding/Identification
* Powerglide
* Turbo Hydramatic 350
* Turbo Hydramatic 400
* 2004R/700R4 Overdrive
* GM Transmission lengths & oil pan
* Automatic transmission operating temps
* TH350/TH400 Speedometer Gears


* Chevelle Frames

Trim Tags

Start here or select a year from below.

Please report any errors found or differences your tag may have. Be as specific as possible and send an image to help with resolving the issue.

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Propeller Shaft Colors

* 1970-1972 Drive Shaft Paint Stripe Colors Introduction
* 1970 Drive Shaft Paint Stripe Colors
* 1971 Drive Shaft Paint Stripe Colors
* 1972 Drive Shaft Paint Stripe Colors

Other Stuff

* 1970 Build Sheet Locations
* Chevelle Wheels
* Chevelle Assembly Plants
* Chevrolet Assembly Plants
* Dealer Zone Number, Dealer Number
* Exterior Paint Codes
* Fisher Body Number Plate (trim tag) Facts
* Fisher Body Number Plate (trim tag) option codes for 1964 through 1967
* Frames/ID/partial VIN Locations
* Guide Charts (parking lamps, tail lamps, etc.)
* Hub Caps & Wheel Covers
* Interior Trim Codes
* Paint Charts (PPG) 1964-1972
* Paint, Special Order Body
* Partial VIN Locations
* Production by Series/Model
* Production by Plant
* Production Year Calendars
* Rear Axle Codes (by year)
* Rear Axle Casting Information (generic)
* Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes
* Tire Sidewall Markings and Dates
* Trim Tag Decoder
* VIN Decoder
* Window Glass