Body Plate Codes - 1964 through 1967

Things we don't know - if you do, please enlighten us.

Codes listed are garnered from knowledgeable folks on Team Chevelle and other sources and will be updated as information becomes available. If you have any codes to donate to this cause (or find any here that are incorrect), please contact me specifying the model year, group number and letter designation. It's reported that some plants used different option code letters for the same option. Also, only Atlanta, Flint, Framingham, Kansas City, and Van Nuys used these codes on the body plate; Baltimore and Fremont did not. There are even codes on those plants that did use them that seem to be unique to that plant and that year.

Note: n/a indicated the information is 'not available' or 'not applicable'; tbd indicates the information is reported but specifics are not known or is unconfirmed but is 'to be determined'. Some codes are reported from Chevy COWL TAGS, by Mark Allen and these codes are for everything in the Chevrolet lineup so they may or may not be applicable to the Chevelle series. These are noted by "(questionable concerning Chevelles)".

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Things we DON'T know

Why didn't Baltimore or Fremont use group codes?
Why are there five groups and not three or four or six or nine?
Why isn't group #1 numbered?
Who decided there were to be groups?
Who decided there were to be five groups?
Who decided to stop using groups after 1967?
Who decided what letters to use for a particular option in each group?
Who decided what options were to be in each group?