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* 10/24/2014 - Roger Jackson
* 03/29/2014 - Donor wishes to remain anonymous
* 01/17/2014 - Chris Carney
* 07/13/2013 - Michael Rothberg
* 09/18/2012 - Rick Seeman
* 01/13/2011 - Edward Sharretts
* 11/26/2010 - Jan Risseeuw
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* 12/21/2009 - Gerald Wilson
* 12/08/2009 - Curt Biro
* 06/07/2009 - Ariel Rico
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* 08/11/2017 - Joachim Schulz

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I started the ChevelleStuff.Net website in 2002 to provide a central collection point for information about 1964 to 1972 Chevelles and El Caminos to aid myself and others in the hobby. As the popularity of this site has grown I have continually added more information requiring more bandwidth and server space. I have absorbed all costs out of my pocket and will continue to do so as long as possible.

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