1967 Chevelle Trim Tag Codes

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Codes are listed by group and in alphabetical order within the group.

If you know of any codes not listed here, please email me with details - (1) year, (2) body date, (3) plant, (4) group number, (5) letter code, (6) option if known, and a photo of the tag would be appreciated.

Group 1 - No number precedes Group 1
D ~ Power convertible top [RPO C06] E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
F ~ Power bench seat [RPO A41] G ~ Power tailgate [RPO A33]
O ~ Two-tone paint [RPO 950] W ~ Tinted windshield (only) [RPO A02]
X ~ Power windows [RPO A31]  
Group 2 - preceded by the number "2"
A ~ Unknown (1) B ~ H.D. 3-speed floor shift [RPO M13] (2)
G ~ Center console [RPO D55] H ~ Heater delete [RPO C48]
E ~ Air conditioning [RPO C60] K ~ Air conditioning [RPO C60] (3)
L ~ 4-speed transmission [RPO M20] M ~ Powerglide transmission [RPO M35]
P ~ Unknown (4) Q ~ 4-speed transmission [RPO M21] (5)
R ~ Rear speaker [RPO U80] S ~ Rear antenna [RPO U73]
U ~ Stereo tape system [RPO U57] Z ~ Turbo Hydramatic 400 transmission [RPO M40]
(1) Found on 11B Kansas City tag but tag is suspect for several reasons. Also found on Baltimore trim broadcast sheets so, while the code appears to be valid, its appearance on a trim tag is probably not.
(2) Standard 3-speed transmission on all SS396 but so far only Kansas City and Framingham tags have surfaced with this code. Atlanta is known to use no code when no optional transmission is ordered. Neither Baltimore nor Fremont used group option codes.
(3) The letter "K" has only been found on Framingham tags and is assumed to be air conditioning since no Framingham tags to date have been discovered with the letter "E" in group 2.
(4) Unknown, found on an 11D Kansas City Malibu convertible body plate.
(5) Debate whether this does indicate the optional M21 close ratio 4-speed. It has been found on numerous trim tags with known M21 option and the "L" code is not present.
Group 3 - preceded by the number "3"
B ~ Rear window defogger [RPO C50]  
Group 4 - preceded by the number "4"
F ~ Operating Convenience Group (1) H ~ Unknown (found on Baltimore trim sheet)
N ~ Found on fake tag (2)  
(1) Not verified with RPO code, found on several Atlanta and Kansas City body plates.
(2) Found on Kansas City 04A and 06D body plates. Suspect these body plates are reproduction. There was a guy making the fake tags that always put 4N or 4K (L78) on his fake Chevelle tags until someone outed a fake car and the news got back to the trim tag guy that those codes were not used on Chevelles, so he stopped doing that to his fake tags.
Group 5 - preceded by the number "5"
B ~ Front/rear bumper guards [RPO V30] (unverified) C ~ Reported to be regular shoulder belts [RPO AS1] (3)
J ~ Reported to be deluxe center seat belt, rear [RPO AL5] (1) M ~ Reported to be regular center seat belt, rear [RPO A68] (2)
Y ~ Deluxe seat belts [RPO A39] (except 13x80)
Y ~ Custom deluxe belts [RPO A49] (13x80)
Z ~ Shoulder belts [RPO A85]
(1) Found on Framingham 11A and 03F trim tags.
(2) Found on Framingham 11D, 01A, 06C, and 07C trim tags. Reported on Framingham 05B body plate but cannot confirm.
(3) No examples.