Chevelle VIN Decoder

Note: This has be successfully used with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer up to and including IE8; it appears there is something in IE10/IE11 that prevents this decoder from working.

It should be noted that currently 1965 and 1966 Canadian Chevelle VINs are NOT supported at this time due to their unique format. I suggest you see the VIN breakdown pages for 1965 and 1966 individually for Canadian Chevelle VINs.

The 1967 Canadian Chevelles also had some unique series/models the U.S. did not have and, at least from one source, the 300 Deluxe series, El Camino, and Concours station wagons were not made in Canada; I suggest you look at the VIN breakdown for Canada on the 1967 VIN page for further information.


Body Style:
Chevelle #:

It should also be noted there are some other combinations of plants and body styles that are error-trapped in the VIN decoder code. The following are known but there are a couple of other body styles/years that are suspect. What this means is you could type in what appears to be a perfectly valid VIN such as 136679A300001 and get a correctly decoded result of a 1969 Malibu 2-door convertible from Atlanta even though no such convertible was ever built there.

(1) No convertibles were built at Atlanta or Framingham in 1969.
(2) No station wagons were built at Atlanta or Framingham in 1969.

It is suspected that Arlington, Atlanta, and Flint did not build convertibles and possibly neither Atlanta nor Flint built any station wagons in 1970; it is known that Arlington did build station wagons in 1970 though.

If you receive an error you do not understand or feel the error is incorrect, contact me via the contact page. Be sure to specify EXACTLY what you typed for the VIN and what the error message says.

Special thanks to Robert McIntosh for his efforts in the coding of this program.