1964 ~ 1972 Chevelle Production Numbers by Series/Model









  • Production totals are based on Chevrolet's own production reports by assembly plant. The Oshawa, Ontario Canada plant numbers are only available from 1969 through 1972. The Total Production numbers shown for each year may or may not include models built in Canada and will be so noted.

  • The series/model explanations indicated in the bullets below are for the VIN and not the Fisher Body trim tag. The style number on a Fisher Body trim tag does not have the same meaning as the VIN from Chevrolet

  • 1964 Chevelle: The model year 4 is the first number, the series and engine type (L6 vs. V8) are the 2nd and 3rd numbers and body style is the last two numbers.
    Example: 45637 indicates a 1964 (4) V8 Malibu (56) 2-Dr. Sport Coupe (37)

  • 1965-1971 Chevelle: Chevrolet Division/Series was noted by the first two numbers (13), the third number indicates base engine for a given series (odd numbers are L6, even numbers are V8) and the last two numbers indicates the body style within the series.
    Example: 13667 indicates a Malibu V8 (6) 2-door convertible (67)

  • 1972 Chevelle: 1 is Chevrolet Division, a letter indicates the series, 2 numbers indicate the body style within the series and last letter notes specific engine.
    Example: 1D80U indicates a Malibu series (D) Custom El Camino (80) with a 402-4 engine (U)