1967 Chevelle Trivia

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All 1967 station wagon and El Camino body styles have vented gas caps, all others have non-vented caps.

All Chevelles, including Canadian-built, VINs continued with the division, series, body style, and year such as 136177.  See the 1967 VIN page for more information.

The first year the heavy duty 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission was offered in the Chevelle lineup but only with a 396 cid engine.

A front bench seat and H.D. floor-shifted 3-speed transmission was standard on the SS396. Bucket seats were optional on the SS396 and could be ordered on the Malibu sport coupe, Malibu convertible, and the Malibu series sedan pickup (13680) as well.

Gauges (RPO U14) were optional in 1967 and could be ordered on both SS396 series Chevelles as well as any V8 Malibu sport coupe, convertible, or sedan pickup and included oil pressure, water temperature, ammeter, and tachometer.

The tachometer (RPO U16) could be ordered individually in 1967 and could be ordered any V8 Chevelle. Neither the tachometer nor gauges were standard with the SS396 series so "SS gauges" is a misnomer. 1967 was the last year the tachometer could be ordered individually under RPO U16.

  The base SS396 engine continued to be rated at 325hp but the optional RPO L34 version was downgraded from 360hp to 350hp. The 375hp L78 was discontinued for the first part of the production year and only reemerged in the March/April time frame. Due to lack of advertising on the option only 612 L78s were sold in 1967 Chevelles.

The same three 396 engines were also available in the 300 Deluxe and Malibu series sedan pickup but there was not an SS396 El Camino in 1967.

No M22 H.D. Muncie 4-speed transmissions were sold in Chevelles in 1967, only the M20 and M21.

The L79 327 engine made its return in 1967 but now with an advertised horsepower rating of 325hp instead of the 350hp from 1965. Chevrolet felt the L79 engine might cut into the sales of the SS396 if the horsepower remained at 350hp.

The second and last year the Malibu and SS396 sport coupe used the body type designation of "17" for the 'strut back' top design.

Rear Tail Panel

SS396 blacked out area
The blacked-out rear cove returned for all SS396 Chevelles. SS396 sport coupes and convertibles were also blacked out between the rear cove's top trim and weatherstrip in the trunk.

Malibu blacked out area
Malibu blacked out area
  Just like SS396 Chevelles, the area just above the cove extending into the trunk was also blacked out and not only on the SS396 series but all Malibu series, except pickup and wagons, as well.

300 Deluxe taillamps
Neither the 300 nor 300 Deluxe are treated to this blackout paint since the taillamp housings do not have the same trim and do not have trim surrounding the tail panel or on the trunk lid itself.

Numbers stamped in rain gutter of trunk
  The 7-digit number found stamped in the gutter of the trunk is not, repeat NOT, a partial VIN. The first 5 digits represent the series (such as 13617 or 13817) because these two series differed in the stamped trim holes. The last 2 digits of the number represent the week of the calendar year the panel was stamped. Sometimes the 5-digit series number will follow the 2-digit week number. It just depends on how they set up the stamp dies that week.


The 1967 Chevelle came with one of three different grilles depending on the model. The 300 series, 300 Deluxe series, and Malibu series grille has three rows of three bright horizontal bars and the cutouts are rectangular in shape. There is also the provision for an emblem unit centered on the topmost horzontal bar.

The SS396 differs from the 300/300 Deluxe/Malibu grille and only has two rows of two bright horizontal bars and the cutouts extend to the headlamp bezel. There are no provisions for an emblem on the topmost horizontal bar.

The third grille came with the 137/13835 Concours station wagon. This grille sports the same two rows of two bright horizontal bars and cutouts like the SS396 grille but DOES come with provision for the emblem on the topmost horzontal bar.

Headlamp Bezel/Grille Extension

The headlamp bezel and grille extensions also differ betweent the 300/300 Deluxe/Malibu series and SS396/Concours station wagon series. While the 300/300 Deluxe/Malibu pieces continue the three rows of three bright horizontal bars, the SS396/Concours station wagon continue with the two rows of two bright horizontal bars.

300/300 Deluxe/Malibu grille/headlamp bezel/grille extensions

SS396 grille/headlamp bezel/grille extensions

Unfortunately all aftermarket headlamp bezels and grille extensions sold today are for the 300/300 Deluxe/Malibu series and must be repainted to be correct for the SS396/Concours station wagon - something many owners do not do.

TH400 vs Manual/Powerglide Propeller Shaft U-Joint Mount

** The TH400 front yoke in the rear end is different from teh Powerglide and manual yoke. The first image below is a non-TH400 yoke - note the propeller shaft rear u-joint uses two u-bolts and nuts to secure the propeller shaft where the second image is for a TH400 and uses two straps with two bolts each to secure the propeller shaft.

Bucket Seat Piping

Correct - note piping only on the seat back.

Incorrect - note piping on seat back (correct) and seat bottom (incorrect)

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