1964 Chevelle Trivia

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The 1964 model year Chevelle was introduced to the public on September 26, 1963.

All 1964 station wagon and El Camino body styles have vented gas caps, all others have non-vented caps.

The 1964 model year was the only year the U.S.-built Chevelle's VIN began with the model year, i.e., 45837A123456. See the 1964 VIN page for more information.

The 1964 model year was also built in Oshawa, Ontario and the VIN also began with the model year, i.e., 45837012345. See the 1964 VIN page for more information.

The Malibu SS was available in both the sport coupe and convertible body styles and could be ordered with an L6 or V8.

The Malibu SS came standard with bucket seats.

All Malibu SS Chevelles came with gauges in lieu of warning lamps but tachometer (RPO U16) was optional. When tachometer was ordered the clock moved from the center of the cluster to the top of the dash.

The tachometer (RPO U16) could be ordered with any V8 Chevelle regardless of series or body style.

Three basic series were introduced, the Chevelle 300, Malibu, and Malibu SS. Eight body styles were offered, a 2-door sedan, a 2-door/2 seat station wagon, a 4-door/2-seat station wagon, a 2-door sport coupe, a 4-door/3-seat station wagon, a 2-door convertible, a 4-door sedan, and a 2-door sedan pickup.

Many station wagon and sedan pickup bodies were built at the Fisher Body plant in Euclid, OH. and shipped to Atlanta and Kansas City for final assembly. A few Malibu SS bodies are known to have been built at Euclid as well.

There were 3 bucket seat codes exclusive to the 5580/5680 Custom El Camino, 717 (Light Fawn), 724 (Metallic Medium Turquoise), 726 (Medium Red). There was not an RPO A51 for bucket seats option code in 1964; bucket seats were limited to the Malibu SS and the Custom El Camino.

Seat belts were optional until they became standard equipment in February of 1964.

When a Malibu SS was ordered with the optional 230cid L6 engine, it came with a chrome dress up kit consisting of valve cover, oil breather, and air cleaner lid.