1971 Chevelle Interiors

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Steering Wheels (Group 6.513)

The new steering wheel design for 1971. Still color coordinated with the interior but now a padded horizontal bar replaced the plastic used in 1969 & 1970. Gone too is the MALIBU script in favor of a "Chevrolet" script.

Five colors were available to match interior trim color:
3989115 - Black
3992616 - Dark  Beige
3992317 - Dark Saddle
3992318 - Dark Blue
3992319 - Dark Jade

When optioned with RPO Z15, the steering wheel sported an SS emblem in place of the Chevrolet script.

The Monte Carlo got a burl wood strip to match the dash along with Monte Carlo script.

Although this is actually from a 1972 Chevelle, the NK2 Deluxe steering wheel was used both years. 1971 sales only saw 1,898 Deluxe steering wheels sold. Also note incorrect headlamp switch knob from the 1970 model year.

The NK4 steering wheel (#3978125) is always black, center emblem (#3992304) is bow tie emblem.

Optional NK4 4-spoke sport steering wheel. This SS emblem is not correct for Chevelles but was reportedly used on 1971 SS Novas and 1971 Camaros. NK4 steering wheels on SS optioned Chevelles still received just the bow tie emblem.  Only 8,962 NK4 steering wheel options were sold in 1971.

Although not a Chevrolet, the GMC Sprint pickup used the same wheel as the Chevelle with GMC centered on the horn bar.

Door Panels

The Nomad series door panels were stylish but devoid of any bright trim.

133/134xx Chevelle door panel was essentially the same as the Nomad wagon but with the addition of the while vinyl strip and came in black, green, and blue.

The 1971 Malibu sport coupe and convertible door panel continued the theme of 1970 with a MALIBU emblem.

When the SS option was ordered, the MALIBU emblem gave way to an SS emblem.

As in 1970, the El Camino door panel was devoid of any MALIBU or SS emblem.

Monte Carlo in 727 Dark Blue Cloth
Upper portion of door panel is always in a coated fabric, never cloth

Monte Carlo in 717 Sandalwood Rapallo Cloth
This is an Oshawa-built Monte Carlo. It is not known if the door panel emblem is standard on those built in Canada

Instrument Panel - Group 10.000

Standard Instrument Panel

1970-1972 SS, Malibu, & Chevelle V8 Sport Coupe, Convertible or Pickup with U14 Instrument Panel Gauges, and Monte Carlo Instrument Panel

Seat Belts (Group 14.875)