1970 Chevelle Interiors

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Steering Wheels (Group 6.513)

1970 Nomad
The Chevelle Standard steering wheel was color coordinated with the interior and carried a bowtie emblem. This steering wheel is also found in all station wagon series as well such as the sedan pickups. Note the silver outlining.


The Chevelle Malibu steering wheel was color coordinated with the interior and carried a MALIBU name emblem. This steering wheel was only used in the Malibu sport coupe, convertible, and sport sedan. The Malibu series station wagon and pickup used the standard bowtie emblem. Malibus also had silver striping and would wear off easily so often owners would simply rub the remaining off when this began to happen.

When either SS option was ordered on a Malibu the steering wheel replaced the MALIBU name emblem with SS. All SS steering wheels and steering columns were black regardless of interior color. Note the 1970 SS steering wheel "SS" emblem is different from its 1969 counterpart.

Gone was the wood grain plastic optional steering wheels of the past in favor of a new Cushion Rim 3-spoke steering wheel and was optional under RPO NK1 (#3952700) on any Chevelle series or model. When ordered on an SS-optioned Malibu the steering wheel rim came in black, just like the standard SS steering wheel came only in black.

The RPO NK1 steering wheel only came in black but often owners went to other GM steering wheels to color match their interiors.

The Monte Carlo received the same dash as an SS-optioned Malibu with burlwood appliqué. Shown here with optional RPO U14 Instrument Panel Gauges.

Door Panels

1970 Nomad
The 131/132xx series Nomad door panel.  The Nomad lacked even the Mylar strip of the 133/134xx series.

Chevelle Standard sport coupe door panel was basic yet tasteful with a white Mylar stripe but no emblems.

Standard pickup door panels were in step with the standard sport coupe.

The Malibu door panel was color coordinated with the interior color and featured a MALIBU emblem on the front section of the panel and this door panel would continue through the 1972 model year.

When the RPO Z25 SS396 equipment package was ordered on the sport coupe or convertible, the MALIBU emblem gave way to an SS emblem.

When the RPO Z15 SS454 equipment package was ordered on the sport coupe or convertible, the MALIBU emblem was retained since the build sheet did not specifically call out for the B22 Door Emblem.

There is debate about the RPO Z15 SS454 door panel and whether they came with a MALIBU or SS door emblem. It is my belief that the assembly plants did not program the RPO B22 (SS) emblem into the Z15 option group. I have yet to see an RPO Z15 SS454 built sheet with the B22 emblem noted as it is on all SS396 build sheets. Since the door panels were built at a separate sub assembly station and, except for the callout of the B22 emblem, were the same as any Malibu door panel that the assembler would have installed the MALIBU emblem as a default. There are those that say they've seen later in the model year SS454 optioned Malibus with the SS emblem but it's still not on the build sheet. I'll leave it up to the reader to decide. It could be that the interior stations were told to check for RPO Z15 or even LS5 or LS6 on their copy of the build sheet and, if found, include the B22 emblems or maybe those rebuilding their SS454 just wanted the SS emblems in place of the Malibu emblem.

Malibu series pickup body style...
...Malibu series station wagon body style.
The exception to the rule of MALIBU or SS emblem is with the pickup and station wagon body styles. The vent regulator handle position precluded the use of any emblem. Hence, neither the Malibu, the SS396/SS454 option had any door panel emblem on any SS optioned pickup.

Dash - 10.000 Group

Standard Instrument Panel

1970-1972 SS, Malibu, Chevelle V8 Sport Coupe, Convertible or Pickup with U14 Instrument Panel Gauges, and Monte Carlo Instrument Panel

It should be noted the 1972 model year has a provision for a Fasten Seat Belt warning lamp just above the lighter (32,33, & 34) that is not shown here.

Seat Belts (Group 14.875)