1969 Chevelle Interiors

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Steering Wheels (Group 6.513)

Chevelle 300 Deluxe
All of the steering wheels for 1969 were completely redesigned to a wide, 2-bar unit.  (The exception is the RPO N34 sport wheel shown below.) The horn was now activated by one of two large rectangular buttons at the end of the horizontal bar. The 300 Deluxe wheel was color coordinated to the interior and featured a "bowtie" emblem in the center and included no bright trim.

Chevelle Malibu
The Malibu steering wheel was also color coordinated with the interior and differed from the 300 Deluxe steering wheel  with the addition of bright highlighting and a MALIBU emblem in place of the bowtie found on the 300 Deluxe steering wheel.

Concours Option
When any of the Concours options were ordered, the steering wheel received a wood-grain insert along with  the bowtie emblem and bright highlights.

Chevelle SS-Optioned Steering Wheel
When the SS option was ordered, the MALIBU emblem was replaced with an SS emblem and were black regardless of interior color. Note the 1969 SS steering wheel "SS" emblem is different from its 1970 counterpart.

The simulated wood steering wheel looked the same as the simulated wood steering wheel from 1967 and 1968 but was now dubbed a "Rosewood" plastic and had a different dish to it.  This was available on any 1969 Chevelle as option RPO N34.

Door Panels

Chevelle 300 Deluxe Coupe
Chevelle 300 Deluxe Sport Coupe
The 300 Deluxe door panel was very basic but did show some design and a little bright work along with a CHEVELLE emblem. The (blue) top photo is a 300 Deluxe coupe (note vent window handle) while the (black) lower photo is a 300 Deluxe sport coupe.

The Malibu door panel featured a bit more styling, some bright trim and a MALIBU emblem.

The Concours optioned Malibu sport sedan featured a rich waffle design along with matching carpeting along the lower section.

Concours Wagon
Not to be confused with the Concours optioned Malibu sport sedan above, this is from a Concours station wagon. The same basic design as the Malibu but with a Concours script emblem.

SS Optioned Chevelle
The SS-optioned Malibu received the same door panel as the standard Malibu but now sported an SS 396 door emblem in place of the MALIBU emblem.

Instrument Panel - Group 10.000

300 Deluxe glove box trim - note there is no trim.

Malibu glove box trim.

Concours optioned Malibu glove box trim.

SS396 glove box trim.

Seat Belts (Group 14.875)