1970 Chevelle Dealer Invoice / Window Sticker

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Various Dealer Order Forms Throughout The Year

1970 Order Form, Chevelle sedan, coupe, convertible, El Camino - Revision 5-69

1970 Order Form, Monte Carlo - Revision 5-69

1970 Order Form, Monte Carlo - Revision 5-69

1970 Order Form - Revision 7-69

Reverse side of order form


1970 Order Form, Monte Carlo - Revision 7-69

1970 Order Form - Revision 1-70

Note on the later form the absence of the L78 and L89 option and the inclusion of the LS6 engine option.

Shown here are dealer invoices, or what the dealer paid for the car. These show what the suggested retail price of the car and all the options retail for and what they cost the dealer. In the Serial Number Options and Extra Equip. column is the Exception Control Letter (ECL) code for each option. The "0" is for the model year 1970, the "6" is the GM designation for the Chevelle lineup, the "A51" (for example) is the regular production option (RPO) code for the option and the "AB" (for example) is the variant of the option.

ECL codes for the TH350 (M40) transmission have been found to be:
M40AC - L6 engine
M40BF - 307 V8
M40AF - L48
M40AS - L65

Arlington, TX.

Note this is not an SS-optioned Malibu sport coupe but was ordered with RPO U14 Special Instrumentation. Also note there is no charge for the vinyl interior; since RPO A51 Strato-Bucket front seats were ordered, and bucket seats only came in vinyl, there was no additional charge.

Courtesy Jarno Reurink
Courtesy ~ Jarno Reurink

Atlanta, GA.

Since this Malibu sport coupe was not ordered with bucket seats the optional vinyl interior did incur a cost of $12.65. It should also be noted that RPO M40 was the code on dealer invoices for both the TH350 and TH400 automatic transmissions; the particular engine size was the determining factor as to which transmission was actually installed. The different plants varied in the way the transmission was listed on the build sheets; Atlanta would code this as "M40 CBC TRANS."

Window Sticker.

Vehicle Certification w/build date and VIN.

Baltimore, MD.

The M40 transmission on this Baltimore convertible is shown on the build sheet as "M38 CBC TRANS."

Flint, MI.

Kansas City, MO.

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Dealers often bought or traded cars between the dealerships if one dealer happen to have in stock a car wanted by another. Here Giant Chevrolet traded an El Camino to Bob Carsten Chevrolet (for a Monte Carlo). The "PRICE OF CAR" shown is the dealer's cost of the car. This particular El Camino was optioned enough to bring the MSRP price up to $4057.40. The Monte Carlo that was involved had a dealer invoice cost of $3389.71 and the MSRP was $4151.80. The El Camino dealer would make up the difference in price. If the two dealers did this often they may even run a "tab" between the dealerships, otherwise an individual check would be cut for the difference at the time the swap was done.

Van Nuys, CA.

Dealer Invoice

Here is another example of vinyl seats with no charge attached. Since all convertibles came standard with vinyl seats there was no extra charge. Also interesting is there is no optional engine or transmission with this car meaning it came with the base 307 V8 and manual 3-speed transmission.

Reproduction window sticker.

Oshawa, ON.

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Note the sales name of the cars color, #28, isn't shown and since the car has a vinyl top, no upper paint color is noted.

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Vehicle Certification w/build date and VIN.