1967 Chevelle Miscellaneous Paperwork

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1967 Fremont, CA. build sheet
Fremont, CA. was the only 1967 assembly plant to use this form of paperwork (often referred to as a build sheet) on the assembly line.

Baltimore, MD trim sheet
Baltimore, MD trim tag
Trim sheet often found in Baltimore, MD. 1967 Chevelles. Note Job number (071) and Body number (000064) is noted along with paint, trim, and group options not noted on the trim tag itself.

Baltimore, MD trim sheet
Another example of a Trim sheet for Baltimore.

Dealer Invoice

Dealer invoices are what the retail dealer received with each car showing the options, retail price and their cost.

Monroney (window) Sticker

The Moroney sticker, commonly called window sticker, was affixed at the final assembly plant before the car was transported and shows the dealer, the make and VIN, final assembly plant, the manufacturer's suggested list price of the base car and all options along with the destination charge. Not shown are any dealer charges for such things as preparation.

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