1964 Chevelle Malibu SS

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The 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS was a separate series from the Chevelle 300 & Malibu series and can be readily identified by both the Fisher Body Number plate (a.k.a. trim tag, cowl tag, etc.) and the Vehicle Identification Number plate (VIN).

The 1964 Malibu SS was available in both sport coupe (37) and convertible (67) body styles and with an L6 as well as V8 engines. The Fisher Body style numbers 5737, 5837, 5767, & 5867 and VINs beginning with 45737, 45767, 45837, & 45867 will note a Malibu SS. While the Fisher Body plate style numbers (such as 5837) will usually coincide with the series/model number of the VIN (such as 45837), that is not always the case since Fisher Body did not care what engine (L6 or V8) went into a particular body. There are instances of a Fisher Body style number with an even-numbered 2nd digit (8) and the VIN having an odd-numbered 3rd digit (7). The VIN is the REAL proof the car was a L6 or V8 originally. As with all years of Super Sports, the VIN only depicts the base engine and does not indicate any optional engine.

The only external indications of the Malibu SS are the emblems on the quarter panels and the rear cove, distinctive bright trim along the upper body line extending from the front to the rear along with wheel well moldings and bright rocker panel trim extending behind the rear wheel opening. The Malibu SS also included bucket seats, center console (when ordered with optional Powerglide or 4-speed), and gauges. The tachometer (RPO U16) was still optional.

Standard Malibu SS dash with gauges and clock.

Although this particular tachometer is NOT from a Malibu SS (note warning lamp for GEN), it shows the mounting location of the optional tach in the center pod in lieu of the clock. The tachometer was NOT part of the standard gauges available in the Malibu SS and the tachometer could be ordered on any V8 300 or Malibu series Chevelle.

When the optional tachometer was ordered it filled the old clock location in the center pod of the dash and the clock moved to the top of the dash.

All Malibu SS (L6 or V8) came standard with a column shifted manual 3-speed transmission. The Malibu SS still got its standard bucket seats but no console with the manual 3-speed. Even the optional RPO M10 3-speed manual with overdrive (shown here) was column shifted (note the overdrive lever to the immediate left of the steering column). Only when the optional manual 4-speed or Powerglide automatic were ordered did the car receive the center console.

Since all 1964 Malibus came with a 10-bolt rear end and various gear ratios, neither the rear end nor the ratio can be used to identify a 1964 Malibu SS. Likewise, Positraction was an option and can not be used to identify a 1964 Malibu SS.

1964 Malibu SS - 06/10/2009
1964 Malibu SS - 06/12/2009
Note Malibu SS script on quarter panels, SS emblem on rear cove, upper body trim, wheel well moldings and rocker trim that not only flowed from the front wheel well to the rear but behind the rear wheel well as well.

Goldwood Yellow (paint code 943 or K) was a Malibu SS-only color. Naturally the Malibu SS was available in any other color offered in 1964 to include any of the 11 two-tone combinations.

1964 Malibu Ss - 06/12/2009
The 55xx/56xx series Malibu has Malibu script on the rear quarter panels, bright trim along the center body line, bright rocker trim from front to rear wheel wells only and no wheel well trim.

Easily changed of course but the steering wheel in a Malibu SS is two-toned with the possible exception of the black steering wheel with a black interior. This one happens to be red/white because of the white interior but any Malibu SS with red, blue, aqua, or tan should have a two-tone steering wheel. Naturally one should NOT look to the steering wheel as a way to determine if the car is a Malibu or Malibu SS when the VIN is easy to read and makes the definitive distinction. Steering wheels are easy to change and often are due to age and cracking. When a white interior was ordered the instrument panel and carpeting was red.

L6 vs. 283 vs. 327

Although not exclusive to the Malibu SS 283 V8 and 327 V8 fender emblems differed.

All 283 cid V8 1964 Chevelles received a "V" emblem just behind the front wheel wells.

All 327 cid V8 1964 Chevelles received a "crossed flag" emblem just behind the front wheel wells.

A base L6 Chevelle received no engine identifying emblems but the optional 230cid L6 did.

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