1969 Chevelle Production Numbers by Individual Plant

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MonthAtlanta-A (3)(4)Baltimore-BFramingham-G (3)(4)
August (1968 *)n/a*n/a
January (1969)313847-322002333026-344660322571-329012
April337540-344438367114-37859305A - #346029
Mayno production reported378594-381442348046-352264
Juneno production reported381443-396474352265-360909
August346617-356386413730-414385no production reported
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MonthFremont-ZKansas City-KOshawa-1 (2)
August (1968 *)*n/an/a
September300001-304595300001-316556no production reported
October304596-31175910E - #339517
no production reported
November311760-319029339097-358979no production reported
December319030-323994358980-374064no production reported
January (1969)323995-330138374065-393881300001-305317
Augustno production reported480620-481164no production reported
Just for fun...Daily Production
1969FremontKansas CityOshawa

* 1969 appears to have built Chevelles in both August of 1968 and August of 1969 as evident of body dates and VIN sequence numbers.

08A Baltimore - Sequence number 300186

08D Fremont - Sequence number just over 300500

08C Atlanta - Sequence number 353686

(1) The total production according to the reported last VIN of each assembly plant totals 522,761 but does not match the total figure listed for individual series & body styles sold of 503,352. Of the 503,352 figure reported by GM, 15,356 were counted as imported from Canada (a common occurrence of the time). This leaves (522,761 - 503,352) 19,409 of the Oshawa production for Canada consumption.

(2) It's been confirmed that GM of Canada did produce 1969 model year Chevelles before January 1969 and those used sequence numbers starting with 100001 instead of the more common 300001. So far the highest sequence found is 101288. These were Chevelles built in Canada for sale in Canada. Whether these account for the 19,409 unit discrepancy noted above isn't for certain but it is known via Vintage Vehicle Services docs that 9,612 Malibu sport coupes (13637) were built and of these 903 were ordered with RPO Z25 and only 136 came with the base L35 for the entire 1969 model year so it's not known how many may have VINS beginning with 1xxxxx and how many with 3xxxxx.  Canadian Classic Chevelles reports there were 46,854 1969 Chevelles assembled in Canada. Of the 787 13667 Malibu convertibles built at Oshawa for Canadian sales, 26 are documented as being delivered with the L35 396 engine, no word yet on the number of L34 engines.

A respected collector and frequent donor of 1969 Chevelle information to ChevelleStuff states he has some data on 13 Oshawa Chevelles with VINs beginning with 1xxxxx ranging from September 3rd week to October 5th week and that at least 10,851 were built with this type of VIN sequence. There are 2 of these documented early Chevelles here on ChevelleStuff on the 1969 VIN page.

This photo was submitted by a reader on 11/26/2012 and shows a 1969 LM1 350/255 engine dated September 27 with a 102916 sequence number and from a 1969 Beaumont.

(3)(4) Neither Atlanta nor Framingham built convertibles nor station wagons in 1969.

Caveats and Disclaimers:

The numbers shown are reported last VINs from each plant per month. The numbers above those in red are instances of matching VIN and Fisher Body plates to show VINs/body dates outside the published numbers. The Fisher Body Number plate build week not match the calendar week; meaning an example body date of 04A may not be the first physical or even calendar week of April. Productions are scheduled well in advance of actual build date and given it takes 3 to 4 days to physically build the car once it is scheduled, you can see where the body date will not always match up with the VIN sequence. Obviously the body plates, and the associated information, are stamped when the cars are scheduled, not as they roll by a particular station. Cars with 04A body dates may run into week 04B of production. GM wouldn't just toss out the existing body number plates with 04A just because the car didn't physically get completed until the following week.

In reality, don't place too much emphasis on the body date as opposed to the last reported VIN for a given month. The anomalies shown are shown for that very reason. It does happen and that should not be a basis for worry that your car may have had the body plate (trim tag) and/or VIN altered.

If you have trim tags/VINs plates with dates and sequence numbers that don't fall into the range of those shown below, please email me the trim tag and sequence number and I'll post the oddity. Email it to me via my contact page.