366 - 454 Codes:   CGR - CZU

Legend: A.I.R. = Air Injection Reactor, HD = Heavy Duty, HDC = Heavy Duty Clutch, HEI = High Energy Ignition,  L89 = Aluminum Heads, MT = Manual TransmissionNB2 = California Emissions, TH400 = Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission, TI = Transistor Ignition, YF5 = California Emissions.

GM body platform letters A (Chevelle), B (Passenger), F (Camaro/Firebird), G (Malibu), X (Nova) = GM body platforms and are used instead of Passenger, Chevelle, etc. unless engine was only used in one particular model of a platform beginning in 1964.  Otherwise 'Passenger' is used for 1955-1963 model years.  police and taxi imply passenger car unless otherwise noted. A body platform includes both Chevelle and Monte Carlo unless otherwise noted.

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CGR1970402330MTA (found on Vintage Vehicle Services document)
CGS1970454345TH400B, police
CGT1970454390TH400B, police
CJA1969402325MTA, F
CJF1969402 350MT F
CJG1969402 325TH400F
CJH1969402 375MT F
CJI1969402 350TH400F
CJJ1969402375MTF, L89
CJL1969402 375TH400 F
CJM1969402375TH400F, L89
CJU1969402 325MTF, HDC
CJV1969402325MTA, HDC
CKA1969402350MTF, HDC
CKB1969402350MTA, HDC
CKC1969402375MTF, HDC
CKD1969402375MTA, HDC
CKE1969402375MTF, L89, HDC
CKG1969402375MTA, L89
CKH1969402375TH400A, L89
CKI1969402375MTA, HDC, L89 *
CKN1970402330TH400A (Monte Carlo)
CLK1969402375MTF, (unverified)
CKO1970402375MTA (Chevelle), F, X
CKP1970402375TH400F, L89, X (unverified)
CKQ1970402375MTA (Chevelle), X, HDC
CKR1970402330MTA (Monte Carlo unverified)
CKS1970402330MTA (Chevelle), HDC
CKT1970402375MTA (Chevelle), L89, X (unverified)
CKU1970402375MTA (Chevelle), L89, HDC, X (unverified)
CLA1972402240MTA (Chevelle), F
CLB1971402300TH400A, B
CLB1972402240TH400A, B, F
CLR1971402300TH400B, police
CLR1972402240MTB, police
CLS1971402300MTA (Chevelle), HD MC1
CLS1972402240MTA (Chevelle)
CPA1971454365MTA (Chevelle)
CPA1972454270MTA (Chevelle)
CPD1972454270TH400A, B
CPG1971454365TH400B, police
CPG1972454270MTB, police (unverified)
CPP1971454425MTA (Chevelle)
CPR1971454425TH400A (Chevelle) (unverified)
CPY1971454425TH400A (Chevelle), 10 released
CPZ1971454425TH400A (Chevelle), 4  released
CRI1970454390MTCorvette, TI
CRJ1970454390TH400Corvette, TI
CRQ1970454360TH400A (Chevelle)
CRR1970454450TH400A (Chevelle)
CRN1970454360th400A (Monte Carlo)
CRS1970454450TH400A (Chevelle), L89 (unverified)
CRT1970454360MTA (Chevelle)
CRV1970454450MTA (Chevelle)
CRW1972454270TH400A, B, A.I.R.
CRX1972454270MTA (Chevelle), A.I.R.
CSR1972454270MTCorvette, A.I.R.
CSS1972454270TH400Corvette, A.I.R.
CTA1972402 240MT A (Chevelle), F, A.I.R., police/taxi
CTB1972402240MTA, B, F, A.I.R.
CTH1972402 240 MTA (Chevelle), A.I.R., HD MC1
CTJ1972402 240MTA (Chevelle), B, A.I.R., police/taxi
CTW1970402 350 TH400A (Chevelle), F, X
CTX1970402350 MTA (Chevelle), F, X
CTY1970402 375 TH400 A (Chevelle), F, X
CTZ1970402 350 MTA (Chevelle), X, HDC
CWA1974454 235 MTA (Chevelle)
CWB1973454 245TH400A
CWC1973454 245MTA, NB2
CWD1973454 245TH400A, B, NB2
CWD1974454 235 TH400A, YF5
CWH1973454 245TH400B, NB2
CWJ1973454 245TH400B, NB2, police
CWK1973454 245TH400B, police
CWL1973454 245TH400B
CWM1973454 275 MTCorvette
CWM1974454 270 MTCorvette, YF5
CWR1973454245MTA (Chevelle)
CWR1973454 275TH400Corvette
CWR1974454 270TH400Corvette
CWS1973454 275 TH400Corvette, NB2
CWS1974454 270 TH400Corvette, NB2
CWT1973454 275 MTCorvette, NB2
CWU1973242245TH400B, police
CWU1974454 235 TH400B, police
CWW1973454245TH400B, NB2, police
CWW1974454 235 TH400B, NB2, police
CWX1974454 235 TH400A
CWY1974454 235 TH400B, YF5
CXA1974454 235 TH400B
CXB1974454 235 TH400B, NB2, police
CXC1974454 235 TH400B, NB2
CXM1974454 235 MTA (Chevelle), HEI
CXR1974454 235 TH400A, HEI
CXS1974454 235 TH400A, HEI, YF5
CXT1974454 235 TH400B, HEI, police
CXU1974454 235 TH400B. HEI
CXW1975454 215 TH400A, A.I.R., Federal
CXX1975454 215 TH400B, A.I.R., Federal
CXY1975454 215 TH400B, A.I.R., Federal, police/taxi
CZU1970454 390 MTCorvette

* Tonawanda does not show this engine in their production reports but information presented here is from Alan L. Colvin's "...by the numbers..." reference book.