Orphaned Chevelle/Camaro/Nova/Impala Paperwork

A gentleman has acquired two large batches of INCREDIBLE original documents from two Chevrolet dealerships (one in Memphis and one in L.A.). They cover over ninety 1966-1972 Chevelles and Camaros. A significant number of these are L78s and LS6s.

For each car he has the original shipping bill, which lists VIN, dealer and zone codes, method of shipping, date shipped, Invoice #, everything that would be on the window sticker (model, options, colors, the full option codes including the version / tracking #'s, and the MSRP for each item), plus the actual cost to the dealer of each item. Then it has the two key #'s, the build sheet ident. no., the destination dealership name and address, and info related to the dealer's floor plan financing through GMAC.

Then on the back of all the Memphis bills there are hand-written entries of the original buyer's name, date of delivery, actual sales price, and the dealer's gross and net profit. Also lists what car was traded in (if applicable), how much credit was given for the trade, what the trade later sold for, and what the profit (loss) on the trade was.

For a number of these cars (mostly 69 and 70), he also has the New Car Order form where the salesman wrote up the deal (with options and prices and buyer's name). Some of those also have the buyer's GMAC financing contract attached along with the service department's pre-delivery inspection records.

If you think you have the car that any of these documents belongs to, contact me with your name/email address and I will forward that to the person that has the paperwork. How you and the person having the document resolve the issue is strictly between the two of you. Hopefully you can provide enough proof to show the paperwork is yours and receive this treasure.

1966 Chevelle:

- 138176Z1353xx

- 135176Z1139xx

- 136176Z1051xx
- 136176Z1209xx
- 136176Z1234xx
- 136176Z1236xx
- 136176K1238xx
- 136176K1274xx

- (13169) 613169004171 (Canadian car)

1967 Chevelle:

- 138177Z1375xx

- 136177Z1419xx
- 136177Z1550xx

- 134117Z1340xx (300-deluxe 2dr post V8)
- 134117Z1557xx (300-deluxe 2dr post V8)
- 133117Z1077xx (300-deluxe 2dr post)

- 136807Z1208xx (396 El Camino)

- 136807Z1137xx (El Camino)
- 136807Z1610xx (El Camino)

- 136357Z1071xx (wagon)
- 133357Z1078xx (wagon)

- 136697Z1446xx (4-dr)

1967 Camaro:

- 124377L1163xx (SS350)

1968 Chevelle:

- 138378Z1290xx (L78 car)
- 138378K2191xx (L78 car)

- 136378Z1004xx
- 136378Z1012xx
- 136378Z1131xx
- 136378Z1143xx
- 136378Z1288xx
- 136378Z1288xx

- 131278Z1325xx

- 136808Z1044xx (El Camino)
- 136808Z1068xx (El Camino)
- 136808Z1262xx (El Camino)
- 136808Z1491xx (El Camino)

- 134358Z1018xx (wagon)
- 131358Z1390xx (wagon)
- 136358Z1650xx (wagon)

1968 Camaro:

- 124378N3462xx (SS396 L78)
- 124378N3626xx (SS396 L78)

- 124378N3772xx (SS396 L35)

1969 Chevelle:

- 136379K3506xx (SS396)
- 136379K3376xx (SS396)
- 136379A3374xx (SS396)
- 136379A3377xx (SS396)
- 136379A3376xx (SS396)
- 136379A3379xx (SS396)
- 136379A3380xx (SS396)
- 136379A3406xx (SS396)
- 136379A3423xx (SS396)
- 136379A3450xx (SS396)

- 136679K4013xx (SS396 convertible, loaded)

- 136379Z3148xx (Malibu Coupe- LOADED - 2-pg invoice)

1969 Camaro:

- 124379N5089xx (Z28)
- 124379N5120xx (Z28)
- 124379N5152xx (Z28)
- 124379N6602xx (SS396 L78)

- 124679N6575xx (RS convertible)

- 124379N6919xx
- 124379N6982xx
- 124379N6985xx

- 123379N71144x
- 123379N71147x

1970 Chevelle:

- 136370K1161xx (SS396 L78)
- 136370L1360xx (SS396 L78)

- 136370L1348xx (SS396)
- 136370L1354xx (SS396)
- 136370K1777xx (SS396)
- 136370R2349xx (SS396)
- 136370R2360xx (SS396)

- 136370L1565xx (SS454 LS6)
- 136370R2065xx (SS454 LS6)
- 136370R2376xx (SS454 LS6)
- 136370R2378xx (SS454 LS6)

- 136370R2326xx (SS454)

1970 Camaro:

- 124870L5075xx (Z28)
- 124870N5711xx (Z28)
- 124870N5430xx (SS396 L34)

1970 Nova:

- 114270W2854xx (SS 396 L78)

1971 Chevelle:

- 136371R1150xx (SS454 LS5)
- 136671R1413xx (Convertible SS454 LS5)

- 136801K11099x (El Camino SS454 LS5)

1971 Camaro:

- 124871L5073xx

More orphaned documents/parts