Orphaned Chevelle Paperwork

A gentleman has acquired large batches of original documents from various Chevrolet dealerships. They cover model years 1964 through 1972.

Documents may vary from a simple dealer sales order, Car Shipper sheets, build sheets, broadcast copy sheets, and other various dealer paperwork. Paperwork will vary with each car and not every car listed has ALL the above paperwork. Only the sequence numbers are listed here.

The sequence numbers are listed in numerical order for each plant. Series and model numbers (such as 13637) are NOT listed, only sequence numbers. The sequence numbers listed are individual sequence numbers, not ranges of numbers.

If you think you have the car that any of these documents belongs to, contact me with your name/email address, year, plant and sequence number of your car (e.g. 7A123456) and I will forward that to the person that has the paperwork. How you and the person having the document resolve the issue is strictly between the two of you. Hopefully you can provide enough proof to show the paperwork is yours and receive this treasure.

If the sequence number is not listed on one of these pages, I have NO information on it.

Note to iPad users: Apparently the Safari 'browser' on an iPad does not render the pages correctly. This is a screen shot of part of the 1970 page. Note Safari has (almost) every pair linked together and in red, underlined text making it appear as though these are links or ranges of two numbers. They are neither. Why Safari does this on an iPad I have no idea. The Google Chrome browser on the same iPad does not do this. This anomaly may apply to other non-PC devices as well.

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