Fisher Body Number (FBN) plates and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates found for sale

From time to time Fisher Body Number (FBN) plates (a.k.a., trim tags, cowl tags, etc.) and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates for Chevelles are offered for sale on various Internet auction sites. While the sale and/or purchase of FBN plates is not illegal in most states, Oklahoma is one exception where it is illegal, in the view of many Chevelle hobbyists it is unethical, dishonest and it is generally frowned upon. I'm not talking reproduction trim tags here (that's for another discussion), I'm talking buying selling original trim tags that identify one car as being another.

VIN plates are also often bought and sold and this may be a legal matter in most states and probably at the federal level as well as there are many laws on the books concerning 'altering a VIN'. Some say they are open to interpretation while others say it's a definite no-no.

In any event, listed here are VIN and FBN plates that appear from time-to-time. So, if you purchase, or contemplate a purchase, of a Chevelle with these plates you'll know they are not for the car thus leaving concern about anything else on the car. Does it have stolen parts? Is it a real SS396? Has it been issued a salvage title before? In other words, fair warning! EBay and Craig's list item numbers are not of much use for more than a few days but are listed for historical purposes where applicable.

Date Posted
Item(s) Description
Sellers not identified here for legal reasons but I have information on most.
01/09/2015 1967 SS396 Sport Coupe VIN plate and West Virginia title
VIN #138177B120914
VIN & Title
12/11/2010 1969 Chevelle VIN & FBN
VIN #1363798402931
12/11/2010 1969 Chevelle VIN and FBN
ST 69 13617
TR 771  58 58 Paint
VIN #136370A123319
12/04/2009 1966 Chevelle SS396 VIN & FBN
FBN & VIN plates
ST 66-13817 KAN13885
TR 750-B   R-R PAINT
      W 2LG
VIN #138176K199781
06/19/2009 1966 Chevelle SS396 VIN & FBN
eBay item number 250446729090
FBN & VIN plate
ST-66 13817 FL1 3406 BODY
TR 763-B   N-2 PAINT
      E 2LG
06/09/2009 Not a trim tag or VIN plate for sale but an Atlanta-built SS396 Sport Coupe with a Flint, MI. trim tag and Atlanta, GA. VIN plate.
eBay item numbers 320358596901 & 320358622894. First auction shows trim tag, second auction does not.
FBN plate
ST 66-13817FL2   7141 BODY
TR 763-B            F-F    PAINT
VIN: 138176A191005
02/28/2009 1972 Chevelle Sport Coupe FBN
eBay item number 380106384907
FBN plate
ST 72 13637  L 128159
TR 704 A52  53 53 PNT
06D 438544 260093
02/28/2009 1968 Chevelle SS396 Convertible FBN
eBay item number 200314077532
FBN plate
04B 193708 145131
ST 68 13867 BAL00846
TR 765-158  F2 PNT
02/02/2009 1969 Chevelle Sport Coupe FBN
eBay item number 110343360132
FBN plate
ST 69 13637 BAL187714
TR 755  72 B PNT
04(?)C  B L112298
12/07/2008 1969 Chevelle Convertible VIN, FBN plate and title
eBay item number 200282684956
VIN plate 136679K474154
FBN plate
ST 69 13667  KAN 335780
TR {unreadable}  52 A PNT
07C  ???76
10/01/2008 1966 Deluxe El Camino VIN and FBN plate
eBay item number 190255943408
VIN plate 136806B159652
FBN plate
04B               731
ST 66 13680  BAL 2677
TR 730          FF
07/23/2008 1966 SS396 FBN plate
eBay item number 320277962333
FBN plate
ST 66-13817  ATL15602  BODY
TR 790-B               M-M  PAINT
     W 2LGS
06/20/2008 1967 Chevelle Malibu VIN and FBN plate
eBay item number 320265335176
VIN plate 136177K115555
FBN plate
10B   7925
ST 67-13617   KAN 5616  BODY
TR 738-B               C-C   PAINT
      E 2EMGR
02/27/2008 1967 Chevelle SS396 VIN and FBN plate
eBay item number 230225950187
VIN plate 138177B197306 (not completely certain as photo hard to read & seller would not respond)
FBN plate
06B                229
ST 67 13817   BAL 9257  BODY
TR 761          FF             PAINT
BODY BY FISHER               8

1966 Chevelle SS396 VIN and FBN plate
eBay item number 330215070215
VIN plate 138176Axxxxxx (seller would not divulge sequence number raising suspicion even further)
FBN plate
ST 66-13817  ATL  6072  BODY
TR 763-B                C-2  PAINT
    W 2LG
     5 LY

1970 Chevelle Malibu
eBay item number 260214946380
VIN plate 136370A181788
FBN plate - date and body number only
07B A 62793