The 1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD
1966 & 1967 Factory Assembly Instruction Manual
1970 Atlanta/Baltimore/Kansas City SS396/SS454 Build Sheet Decoder
Trim Tag & POP Decoder

Now offering an online download of the 1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD along with 1966 & 1967 Factory Assembly Instruction Manuals, 1970 Chevelle Build Sheet Decoder, and Trim Tag & POP Decoder in either a self-extracting .EXE format for Windows-based PC or .ZIP format for Macs.

This is the same demo that is online at but now you can download it to your computer for quicker access.

Click the appropriate download link below and SAVE the file to your computer. The Windows-based self-extracting .EXE file will install the files on your computer's hard drive and even setup a desktop icon shortcut for you. The Mac-based .ZIP file must be manually extracted to a location of your choice.

The new setup program eliminates the need to extract the program files and create a desktop shortcut to start the program.  Now with just a few clicks the program is installed and a desktop shortcut icon is created for you.

Click the Download button and select Save. Save the file (cddemo.exe) to any folder on your PC such as the Desktop. Double-click the installation program (cddemo.exe) to begin. The installation program will default to creating a folder named C:\6667DEMO but you may change that if you wish and the installation program will create whatever folder you decide.

Download CDDEMO.EXE program for Windows-based PCs

Download Demo in .EXE format

Download CDDEMO.ZIP file for Windows & Mac PCs

Download Demo in .ZIP format

Because some computer operating systems cannot cope with self-extracting executable files or Windows-based installation programs, downloads are available in .ZIP file format. It has also been discovered that some versions of Firefox or other browsers may not work properly when trying to download a .ZIP file and instead of offering an option to Run or Save, it simply opens a new tab with gibberish. If your Firefox does this, please use Internet Explorer to download the file.

Click the Download button below and select Save. Save the file ( to any folder on your PC such as the Desktop.

Create a folder on your computer such as C:\6667DEMO and unzip the file to that folder. If you have a previous version saved to your hard disk already saved under (for example) C:\6667DEMO, you should delete (or rename) that folder before extracting the files in this update. Otherwise this update will overwrite existing files with the same name and add any new files. The update does not remove old files that are no longer used and may cause confusion.

Look in the folder you unzipped the files to for the index.html file; this will open your browser and begin the program.