You just can't make this stuff up. Another asleep in English class.


hello and welcome all ebay members you are about to review a 1964 malibu convertible that is a one owner car and never offered for sale till now to the public

let me first start off by talking how i inquired the car i found it sitting in a garage since 1997 i spoke with the ederley woman that owned it since brand new and told her i would like to put it back on the road she stated before she parked it there that engine only has 500 miles on the rebuilt so i bought it from her and put a new gas tanks master cylinder new starter rebuilt the carb changed all fluids and oils and runs like a champ really smooth and study no smoing or shaking in the engine

interior is in pretty good shape has you can see in the photos to needs to be replaced
aall class is there and working

so if you want to own a peace of american muscle put your bid in and good luck

i have the rite to end the auction at anytime call me if you want to make a deal