1971 Chevelle Protect-O-Plate Decoding

Click on any line item above or in the Line # table to decode. Entries in bold print in the resulting tables pertain to the above warranty card. (Note: Center section of plate with owner data removed for clarity)
Line #1
136371R121242 - VIN
Line #2
T0918PD ~ Engine ID
71183CF ~ Transmission Code*

Line #3
CRU223B ~ Rear Axle ID*
C ~ Carburetor Source
11331 ~ Various Options
L~ Build Month

Note: Oshawa warranty card have the rear end code on line 2 and the transmission code on line 3, just the opposite of U.S. warranty cards. Additionally the carburetor code letter is directly after the VIN instead of between the rear end code and option numbers.