1970 El Camino Protect-O-Plate Warranty Card

Decode your Protect-O-Plate Warranty card

Only one example. If you request help with yours, contact me and I'll be glad to answer any questions you have. Include a photo of the Protect-O-Plate as plants often deviate during the model year.

Only Atlanta and Kansas City abbreviated the engine suffix code and rear axle code to two letters omitting the initial "C" letter (e.g., TW for engine instead of CTW or CF for rear axle instead of CCF). Arlington, Baltimore, Flint, Van Nuys, and Oshawa used the full three letter code  for these two items. Often other 'concessions/errors' were made such as the TH400 coding on the Van Nuys example of 70F273 instead of 70CF273.

Note:  GM offers 2 explanations on decoding the VIN.  Using the common 13680 as an example:
1. When describing the VIN plate: 1 ~ Chevrolet Division, 36 ~ Malibu V8, 80 ~ 2-door sedan pickup
2. When describing the POP: 13 ~ Chevelle, even number (4 or 6) is a V8 - odd number (3 or 5) is a L6, 80 ~ 2-door sedan pickup. The engine designations of 4 or 6 for a V8 engine, and 3 or 5 for a L6 engine was determined by the series.

A V8 Standard would be 4 and Malibu would be 6.
A L6 Standard would be 3 and Malibu would be 5

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