1969 Chevelle Exterior Paint Codes - (Canada Paint Chart)

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It should be noted up front that there are no known numbers for any particular color for a particular series or body style whether it be a solid color or two tone. There are also no known numbers for the different colors of convertible or vinyl tops. So just how many red (or any color) SS396 sport coupes (or any other series) were built is not known and cannot even be calculated.  There are a known number of Hugger Orange and Daytona Yellow SS-only colors known but neither by series or body style.

(9xx RPO)

(910AA) 10 ~ Tuxedo Black - El Camino
Black ~ 7,441
88L A-946 9300
(916YY) 40 ~ Butternut Yellow - El Camino
Yellow ~ 27,028
5036L A-1715 81500
(911CC) 50 ~ Dover White - El Camino
White ~ 33,152
5033L A-2080 2058
(923EE) 51 ~ Dusk Blue - El Camino
Dark Blue ~ 19,230
5016L A-2098 2075
(913RR) 52 ~ Garnet Red - El Camino
Red ~ 29,449
5099LH A-2099R 2076
(922DD) 53 ~ Glacier Blue - El Camino
Blue ~ 36,377
5015L A-2100 2077
(921KK) 55 ~ Azure Turquoise - El Camino
Turquoise ~ 22,980
5014L A-2101 2078
(920VV) 57 ~ Fathom Green - El Camino
Dark Green ~ 41,226
5013L A-2102 2079
(919WW) 59 ~ Frost Green(2)- El Camino
Lime ~ 81,883
5012L A-2103 2080
(918SS) 61 ~ Burnished Brown - El Camino
Dark Brown ~ 17,724
5011L A-2104 2081
(917MM) 63 ~ Champagne - El Camino
Champagne ~ 23,610
5064L A-2105 22813
(915GG) 65 ~ Olympic Gold - El Camino
Gold ~ 44,118
5010L A-2106D 2082
(914NN) 67 ~ Burgundy - El Camino
Maroon ~ 14,415
5063LH A-2107M 50700
(912BB) 69 ~ Cortez Silver - El Camino
Silver ~ 20,419
5032L A-2108 2059
(924FF) 71 ~ LeMans Blue - El Camino
Bright Blue ~ 51,060
5030L A-2109 2083
(927QQ) 72 ~ Monaco/Hugger Orange - El Camino (1)
Orange ~ 5,194
5021LM A-2111R 2084
(926PP) 76 ~ Daytona Yellow - El Camino (1)
Bright Yellow ~ 2,841
5026LH A-2119 2094
Special & Prime 3,465      

(1) Only available with SS or COPO option and coded appropriately on the trim tag as 72 or 76. When special ordered on a NON-SS optioned car, the paint code would show - - (two dash characters unless vinyl top was ordered as well), blank, or the OEM paint supplier's mixing code will be shown. Some GM documentation calls the color Monaco Orange while others call it Hugger Orange. The PPG color chip chart lists it as Hugger Orange under Chevrolet except the Corvette section which is listed as Monaco Orange; both carry the same PPG paint code 2084. For consistency on this site paint code 72 will be referred to as Monaco Orange when referring to the 1969 Chevelle as that is how the color is best known; interesting that at least one Baltimore window sticker used the name Hugger Orange. Both colors were a $42.15 option when ordered with the SS 396 equipment package.

(2) Both sales names of "Frost Lime" and "Frost Green" have been found on various GM documents.

The 1968 Camaro was marketed as "The Hugger" for its handling characteristics. When the orange color was introduced as a factory color in 1969 the Camaro's sales name was called "Hugger Orange" where the Corvette was "Monaco Orange."

Both Monaco/Hugger Orange and Daytona Yellow could be ordered on any non-SS Chevelle but the trim tag would reflect the paint code section with either a blank area, dash character ( - ) or the DuPont mixing formula depending on the particular assembly plant's standard operating procedure. A vinyl of convertible top color would be noted with the appropriate letter if applicable just as a normal color selection would be. Special order paint had to be approved by the Fleet & Special Order section of Chevrolet. Special order paint could be any color available by any automotive paint manufacturer except Cadillac Firemist colors due to the coarseness of the metallic in the paint and, supposedly, Corvette exclusive colors.

See my GM A-Body Special Paint Information page for more information on special paint colors.

* Interesting to note that even though the paint codes on the trim tag changed to numbers from letters, factory invoices still used letters to identify the paint color of the more 'standard' colors like 'CC' for white, 'RR' for red, etc.

The lower body panel on Malibus for Argent Silver is DuPont mixing formula 927-95905 or 41253, Ditzler (PPG) color number is DE-8568.

Special paint trim tags show a dash character(s) or blank area on Baltimore tags. Two have been brought to our attention, both with 06D body dates as it turns out. One purported to be Monaco/Hugger Orange (72) has a code of B1357 just after the body date and another purported to be Rallye Green (79) and a code of 1699. These codes are found just after the date code on the bottom line and not in the typical paint code area.

Lower Upper  

53/50 (924DC) ~ Glacier Blue / Dover White
53/50 (954DC) ~ Glacier Blue / Dover White ~ 4,590


51/53 (9??ED) ~ Dusk Blue / Glacier Blue   53/51 (955DE) ~ Glacier Blue / Dusk Blue  ~ 798


51/53 (956ED) ~ Dusk Blue / Glacier Blue ~ 833


65/50 (957GC) ~ Olympic Gold / Dover White ~ 5,057

65/50 (957GC) ~ Olympic Gold / Dover White


55/50 (958KC) ~ Azure Turquoise / Dover White ~ 4,754


61/63 (9??SM) ~ Burnished Brown / Champagne
61/63 (959SM) ~ Burnished Brown / Champagne ~ 5,658

It should be noted the double-letter codes below are ordering codes. Where applicable on the Fisher Body number plate a single letter is used.



A ~ White (RPO C05AA)

B ~ Black (RPO C05BB)



B ~ Black (RPO C08BB)

E ~ Parchment (RPO C08EE)

C ~ Dark Blue (RPO C08CC)

F ~ Dark Brown (RPO C08FF)

G or S ~ Midnight Green (RPO C08GG)

Color Rating by Sales

It needs to be pointed out that there is no known breakdown of color and specific series or body style, numbers are for all 1969 Chevelles including convertibles where they would have a convertible top and sport coupes where they might have a vinyl top. Colors are listed total number of sales from most to least. Two-tone combinations are listed separately.

Popularity Number Total Reported Sold Color
1 81,883 Frost Lime
2 51,060 LeMans Blue
3 44,118 Olympic Gold
4 41,226 Fathom Green
5 36,377 Glacier Blue
6 33,152 Dover White
7 29,449 Garnet Red
8 27,028 Butternut Yellow
9 23,610 Champagne
10 22,980 Azure Turquoise
11 20,419 Cortez Silver
12 19,230 Dusk Blue
13 17,724 Burnished Brown
14 14,415 Burgundy
15 7,441 Tuxedo Black
16 5,194 Monaco/Hugger Orange *
17 3,465 Special & Prime
18 2,841 Daytona Yellow *
* Only available with RPO Z25 SS 396 Equipment option.
Popularity Number Two-tone Colors - lower/upper
1 5,658 Burnished Brown / Champagne
2 5,057 Olympic Gold / Dover White
3 4,754 Azure Turquoise / Dover White
4 4,590 Glacier Blue / Dover white
5 833 Dusk Blue / Glacier Blue
6 798 Glacier Blue / Dusk Blue

GM of Canada Paint Code Chart

General Motors of Canada, LTD. offered many of the same colors as their U.S. counterpart. Although these colors are listed as 1969 General Motors Buick-Chev-Olds-Pontiac - Canadian & U.S. Production on the paint code chart, it's unknown if these additional colors were available on Chevelles as well. Several Canadian colors were identical to U.S. colors, only the sales names were a bit different.

1969 Canadian Color Chart

Color vs. Sales Name

Paint color names often differ from the advertised Sales Name. One example might be where the factory paint color is simply RED but the sales name may be BOLERO RED or CRANBERRY RED. Yes, the paint mixing formulas are different between BOLERO RED and CRANBERRY RED but to the factory it was still just red. In a case where their may be two or more hues of a color with sales names such as DEEPWATER BLUE, NANTUCKET BLUE, and MARINA BLUE, the factory colors are simply shown as MEDIUM BLUE, DARK BLUE, or BRIGHT BLUE. A given paint color for a year may have a different sales name for Chevrolet than it does for say Buick, Oldsmobile, or Pontiac. An example of this is the 1969 sales name for Chevrolet of HUGGER/MONACO ORANGE is the same color as the 1969/1970 Pontiac sales name of CAROUSEL RED. Same color, same OEM supplier mixing formula, just different sales names for the two GM divisions.