1968 Potpourri

Jacking Instructions - 13639 Sport Sedan

Headlamp Bezels

Early headlamp bezels were smooth around the perimeter. Later bezels have a raised lip in the center of the perimeter. It isn't known just when the change took place.




1968 reported had two hoods and associated hinges Late SS396 hood panel part #3940660 and others part #3940657. Early hinges were 12.75" center-to-center on the holes that bolt to the hood. Most '68 hood hinges were 12.25" center-to-center. The 1968 Factory Assembly Instruction manual (UPC 11-13, sheet A8) indicates the early hood was part #3515452 and the design drawing dated 11-16-67 shows the later hood as part #3940660. GM parts book (circa 1972) indicates the service replacement hinges (part #s 3926829-30 "might have to be reworked by elongating rear slot .50 inches rearword (sic)" which would match the early 12.25" center-to-center vs the later 12.75" center-to-center hinges. The SS396 hood springs were also stiffer than the standard spring due to the extra weight of the SS396 hood. The 1968 and 1969 hood panels are interchangeable but require the correct hood panel hinges. The 1969 hinges are 14.5" center-to-center.