1968 Chevelle Build Sheet/Broadcast Sheet Examples

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Build Sheets/Broadcast Copy sheets are paperwork that accompanied a vehicle as it was being assembled showing what components were to be used during construction. These were not meant to be left in the car once they were no longer needed at a particular workstation, nor were they left for us to find them in a treasure hunt. Rather, they were suppose to be collected and tossed in the trash once they served their purpose.

1968 continued to be a mixture of early BODY BROADCAST COPY, CHASSIS BROADCAST COPY, and general broadcast copy sheets commonly called "build sheets" and different plants appear to use different methods.

The links below will take you to pages with examples of build sheets and/or broadcast copy sheets for that plant.

Chevelle Production Plants

* Decode Body Broadcast Copy Sheet
* Decode Chassis Broadcast Copy Sheet

* Atlanta, Georgia Broadcast Copy Sheets, misc.
* Baltimore, Maryland Broadcast Copy Sheets, misc.
* Framingham, Massachusetts Broadcast Copy Sheets, misc.
* Fremont, California Build Sheets, misc.
* Kansas City, Missouri Broadcast Copy Sheets, misc.
* Oshawa, Ontario ~ Oshawa did not have build documents like the U.S. plants but rather what's referred to as a Line Schedule Tag. Vintage Vehicle Services also offers a service, for a fee, that will take your car's VIN and send you a sheet outlining the date the car was sold, the dealer that sold the car, and the options it came with.

Any questions concerning your build sheet can be addressed to me at . Be sure to include the assembly plant and as many specifics about the car that you know. A readable scan or photo of the build sheet in question will also be helpful.

Car Shipper, BODY BROADCAST COPY, and CHASSIS BROADCAST COPY sheets were often part of the paperwork delivered to the dealer. Typically the customer did not know about this extra paperwork and could probably have cared less at the time to ask for it. Many examples here (and scanned but not shown) were supplied courtesy of a major site contributor who manages to get stashes of old dealer's documents.