1967 Chevelle Regular Equipment - Exterior

[ Interior ]

Trim &
Rear window reveal molding All exc. convertibles
Hub caps All
Rear belt reveal 135-136-13867
Rear quarter window reveal 135-13635-137-13835
Aluminum roof drip gutter 135-136-13800 exc. conv. *
Tailgate window side and upper reveal Station wagons
Aluminum tailgate molding -
  black painted filled
Windshield header and pillar molding 135-136-13867
Windshield reveal All
Body side molding 135-13600
Body sill molding - ribbed, dark
  gray paint filled
Body sill molding - bright 133-13400
Rear cove lower trim molding 133-13411-69
Body side simulated wood trim moldings 137-13835
Rear cove and tail light
  perimeter molding
135-13600, 13817-67 exc. 135-13635
Rear quarter lower molding 135-13600
Headlamp and tail lamp bezels All
Radiator grille opening moldings All
Radiator grille with dual headlamps All
Roof reveal molding (w/strip retainer) 135-13617-39, 13817
Wheel opening moldings 137-13800
Front door vent channel and post All
Front door vent window frame 135-13617-39-67, 13817-67
Front fender engine emblems (V8 & opt. L6) All
Hood nameplate "Chevelle" All
Outside L.H. mirror All
Quarter windows glass channel 135-13617-67, 13817-67
Radiator grille emblem - slender All exc. 13817-13867
Radiator grille emblem - SS396 13817-67
Rear cove or tailgate center emblem 133-13400
Rear door window glass channel 135-13669
Rear cove emblem - SS396 13817-13867
Rear cove area lettering - "Chevelle" 131-13200
Rear quarter series nameplate All
Tailgate nameplate - "Chevelle" 135-13635
Tailgate nameplate - "Chevrolet Concours" 137-13835
Back-up lamps - bumper mounted All
Body side and tailgate simulated wood trim 137-13835
Body side paint stripes 13817-13867
Control - manual rear window Station wagons
Filler - left rear quarter gasoline Station wagons
Filler - hinged license plate gasoline All exc. station wagons
Hood simulated twin air scoops 13817-13867
Lamp - rear license All
Rear quarter window reveal molding - painted 133-13435
Top - counterbalanced manual folding Convertibles
Wipers, windshield - 2-speed electric, with washers, satin-chrome hardware All

* Both the 1967 & 1966 300 Deluxe Chevelle have a GM part number for bright drip rail moldings for the 2-dr sedan. Quite a number of unrestored 1967 & 1966 300 Deluxe Chevelle 2-dr sedans have these bright drip rail moldings and apparently came from the factory with them installed.

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