1965 Chevelle Protect-O-Plate Decoding

Click on any line item above or in the Line # table to decode. Entries in bold print in the resulting tables pertain to the above warranty card. (Note: Center section of plate with owner data removed for clarity).

Fremont has different coding on Line #1 and those differences are noted with an asterisk (*). Fremont codes will follow the other 4 plants where applicable. Note 3-digit interior code, 3-letter paint code and RPO codes used instead of numbers to indicate various options. The lower portion of the P-O-P remains identical.
Line #1
B or 750 ~ Interior Trim*
EE ~ Exterior Colors*
3 ~ Steering/Brakes*
2 ~ Generator*
3 ~ Radio*
1 ~ Wiper*
Line #2
1 ~ Air Conditioning
1 ~ Power Windows
1 ~ Seat Equipment
136375K154047 - VIN
Line #3
F0205EC ~ Engine ID
H ~ Carburetor Source
P0206 ~ Transmission Code
Line #4
CN0205B ~ Rear Axle ID
Y ~ Build Month