1965 Chevelle Regular Equipment - Exterior

[ Interior ]

Bright Metal Trim & MoldingsStainless SteelBack window revealAll exc. wagons & conv.
Pickup box edge and roof133-134-135-13680
Rear belt reveal135-136-137-13867
Rear quarter window revealAll exc. 131-13200; 135-135-137-13867
Roof reveal135-136-137-13837
Tailgate window side and upper revealStation wagons
Windshield header and pillar135-136-137-13837
Windshield revealAll
Anodized AluminumBackup lamp provision covers132-13400
Body side upper135-13600
Body side lower133-13400
Body sill131-132-1337-13800
Headlamp and tail lamp bezelsAll
Radiator grille and opening moldings
Rear cove area revealAll exc. 131-13200; station wagons
Wheel openings135-136-137-13800
Chrome Plated MetalDeck lid emblem "SS"137-13800
Front door vent channel and postAll
Front door vent window frame135-13637, 67; 137-13800
Front fender engine emblem - V8All
Hood windsplit135-136-137-13800
Hood lettering "Chevrolet"All
Hub capsAll exc. 137-13800
Quarter window glass channel135-13637, 67; 137-13800
Rear cove area trim panels (2)All exc. 131-132-133-13400; 135-13635
Rear quarter accent bars (2)137-13800
Rear cove area lettering "Chevrolet"All exc. station wagons
Rear quarter series nameplateAll
Tailgate trim panel135-13635
Tailgate letteringStation wagon
Tailgate manual window control
Wheel trim covers137-13800
Back-up lamps135-136-137-13800
Control - manual rear windowStation wagons
Filler - left rear quarter gasoline
Filler - behind license plate gasolineAll exc. station wagons
Lamp - rear licenseAll
Top - counterbalance manual foldingConvertibles
Wipers - dual electric single speed windshieldAll