1965 Chevelle Dealer Installed Accessories

Air conditioning, recirculating air (Custom) All
Air deflector, rear window* Station wagons
Antenna, radio front manual All
Antenna, radio rear manual All except wagons & pickups
Brake, vacuum power All
Cap, gas tank filler locking
Carrier, roof luggage Station wagons
Clock, instrument panel 131-132-133-13400
Clock, universal (instrument panel top mount) All
Compass, auto
Container, floor litter (saddle type) All except floor shift transmission
Cover, roof luggage carrier Station wagons
Cover, simulated magnesium wheel trim All
Cover, simulated wire wheel trim
Cover, spare wheel and tire All except wagons
Cover, wheel trim All except SS
Cruise control All
Defogger, rear window All except convertible and wagons
Fan, thermo modulated clutch 132-134-136-13800
Fire extinguisher, 2-3-4 & 5 lb. dry chemical All
Frame, license plate
Guard, door edge
Guard, front bumper
Guard, rear body splash Station wagons
Guard, rear bumper All exc. wagons
Horn, low "D" note All
Lamp, ash tray
Lamp, back up 131-132-133-13400
Lamp, courtesy All except convertible
Lamp, glove box 131-132-133-13400
Lamp, luggage compartment All except wagons
Lamp, parking brake alarm All
Lamp, portable spot
Lamp, straight shaft spot
Lamp, underhood
Lock, rear door safety All four door models
Lock release, luggage compartment remote All except wagons & pickup
Lock, spare wheel All
Luggage carrier, deck lid All except wagons & pickup
Mat, contour twin front floor All
Mat, contour twin rear floor
Mat, full width front floor All except sport models
Mat, full width rear floor All
Mat, rear compartment floor Station wagons
Mirror, inside rear view prismatic All
Mirror, outside rear view
Mirror, remote operated outside rear view
Mirror, visor vanity All except convertible
Molding, body sill All except SS
Radiator, insect screen All
Radio and antenna, AM-FM push button tuning
Radio and antenna, manual tuning
Radio and antenna, push button tuning
Radio speaker, rear auxiliary All except convertible
Radio stereo equipment All
Rain deflector All except sport models
Seat belts, Custom Deluxe All
Seat belt retractors
Seat cushion, ventilated
Shock absorber, rear level control
Switch, traffic hazard lamp
Tachometer, instrument panel mounted All except SS
Tissue dispenser (saddle type) All
Tissue dispenser, instrument panel
Tool kit
Trailer hitch, 2000 pound capacity
Windshield washer, single speed wiper
Wiring harness, car to trailer connecting

Dealer installed accessory windshield washer assembly