1970 Chevelle Engine Photos & 396/454 cid Engine Production Numbers

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1970 396/454 Engine Production

The '396' L34 & L78 engines were actually 402 cubic inches in 1970. The L34/L78 & L89 aluminum head option on the L78 figures are for Chevelle ("A" body), Camaro ("F" body), and Nova ("X" body) platforms and are broken down as such.

The LS3 is a 402 cid Mark IV engine listed as a Turbo-Jet 400 and was available on all factory V8 wagons, the standard Chevelle series sport coupe and pickup, and all Malibu series body styles including the Custom El Camino that were NOT SS optioned. The LS3 was not available when the Z25 SS 396 equipment option was ordered. The LS3 was identified with '400' emblems on the front fenders in the same manner as the '350' and '307' emblems.

There are also several suffix code designations that are not shown in the available report from the Tonawanda engine plant and therefore it is assumed the quantity of these engines is included with another such as the L34 engine with Heavy Duty Clutch has a suffix of CTZ which is not shown in the report and any quantities of this engine is incorporated into the CTX suffix coded L34 w/manual transmission. These engine codes with no specifically known numbers will be shown with an asterisk (*) for identification.

L34 figures: The L34 is the base engine for RPO Z25. A total of 53,599 Z25 optioned Chevelles were sold. By subtracting the L78 optional engine and L89 option Chevelle production  of 2,162 it leaves a total of 51,437 L34 Chevelles. Tonawanda engine totals are for all Chevelle, Camaro, and Nova series.

LS5 figures: The LS5 is the base engine for RPO Z15. A total of 8,773 Z15 optioned Chevelles were sold. By subtracting the LS6 optional engine production of 4,475 it leaves a total of 4,298 LS5 Z15 optioned Chevelles. Actually fewer base LS5 Z15 Chevelles were sold than the optional LS6 engine.

LS3330ManualCKS * Heavy Duty Clutch
    9,643Total LS3 Engines
    9,338Total LS3 Chevelles
96.8% of total LS3 engine production went into vehicles in 1970.0,305Service Engines
L34350ManualCTX28,414A-F-X body
L34350ManualCTZ * A body - Heavy Duty Clutch
L34/M40350TH-400CTW31,004A-F-X body
    59,418Total L34 Engines
L34 Production "A" body51,437  
L34 Production "F" body1,802  
L34 Production "X" body1,86459,418Total L34 Engines
    55,103Total L34 Vehicles (all)
92.7% of total L34 engine production went into vehicles in 1970.04,315Service Engines
L78375ManualCKO5,572A-F-X body
L78375ManualCKQ * A body - Heavy Duty Clutch
L78/M40375TH-400CTY1,338A-F-X body
    6,910Total L78 Engines
L78 Production "A" body2,144  
L78 Production "F" body600  
L78 Production "X" body3,7656,910Total L78 Engines
    6,509Total L78 Cars (all)
94.2% of total L78 engine production went into vehicles in 1970.0,401Service Engines
L89375ManualCKT18"A" only - Aluminum Head
L89375ManualCKU * Heavy Duty Clutch
L89/M40375TH-400CKP10"A" only
    28Total L89 Engines
    18Total L89 "A" Vehicles
64.3% of total L89 option engine production went into vehicles in 1970.10Service Engines
LS5360ManualCRU *  
    4,960Total LS5 Engines
    4,298Total LS5 Chevelles **
    0,662Service Engines
87% of total LS5 engine production went into Z15 Chevelles in 1970.  
** This number of LS5 engines does not include the 3,833 that were sold with the Z20 Monte Carlo SS454 option with suffix code of CRN.
LS6450ManualCRX *  
    5,448Total LS6 Engines
    4,475Total LS6 Chevelles
    0,973Service Engines
82.1% of total LS6 engine production went into Chevelles in 1970.  

The date and suffix code is always stamped on the engine pad as the above example show. The partial VIN stamping location seems to vary from plant to plant and will even change during a model year. Listed are locations reported for the various plants.

PlantEngine PadOil FilterBellhousing Flange
Kansas CityYes  
Van NuysYesYesYes

Engine Stamps

T0912CKO - L78 with manual transmission

T0513CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

V0629CNN - L48 with TH350 transmission

T1203CRN - LS5 with TH400 transmission - Monte Carlo only

T0306CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

T0527CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

Partial VIN Stamp

Arlington, Texas

T1216CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission

Arlington Partial VIN
Engine pad, Arlington, TX.

T0116CTX -  L34 with manual transmission

T0212CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

T0122CTW - L34 with TH400 transmission

T0305CTW - L34 with TH400 transmission

T0306CTX - L34 with manual transmission

T0318CTX - L34 with manual transmission - note the engine block was stamped with the date and suffix code at Tonawanda before the heads were installed.

T0318CTX - L34 with manual transmission - note the engine block was stamped with the date and suffix code at Tonawanda before the heads were installed. Also note that even though this engine and the example just above it are both dated March 19, the sequence numbers for the Chevelles they were installed in are almost 57,000 units apart.

T0323CRR - LS6 with TH400 transmission - gentleman has block looking for owner.

T0618CTX -  L34 with manual transmission - a bit suspect due to the font on the number 6 in the date.

T0622CTX - L34 with manual transmission (note broach marks)

T0616CRV - LS6 with manual transmission- a bit suspect due to the font on the first number 6 in the date.

Atlanta, Georgia

T0929CNN ~ L65 with TH350

Atlanta Partial VIN
Engine pad, Atlanta, GA.

Really bad restamp...

T1121CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission

T0203 - L34 with TH400 transmission

T0212CRR - LS6 with TH400 transmission

T0216CTX - L34 with manual transmission

T0220CTX - L34 with manual transmission

T0325CTW - L34 with TH400 transmission

T0330CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission

T0415CRR ~ LS6 with TH400

T0511CTW - L34 with TH400 transmission (suspect font)

T1216CRQ ~ LS5 with TH400 transmission. Interesting to note the time difference between the engine's build of December 16, 1969 and car's sequence putting it in very late July.

Baltimore, Maryland

1970 Baltimore partial VIN
Oil filter pad, Baltimore, MD.

T1112CKO ~  L78 with manual transmission

T1230CRV ~ LS6 with manual transmission - restamp

TxxxxCTW ~ L34 with TH400 transmission. Note Baltimore often stamped "188" instead of "10B"

T0205CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission (yet another suspect due to "T" not in alignment.

T0319CTX ~ L34 with manual transmission

Both the Tonawanda stamp and partial VIN stamp are so bad I won't embarrass any potential owner but it was advertised as a 'numbers matching' LS6 by a heretofore reputable auction company.

Flint, Michigan

T0319CRR ~ LS6 with TH400 transmission

T0308CRR ~ LS6 with TH400 transmission

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Partial VIN
Engine pad, Kansas City, MO.

T1121CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission

T1121CRT ~ LS5 with manual transmission

T0107CTX ~ L34 with manual transmission

T0119CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

T1120CRQ - LS5 with TH400 transmission

T0112CRE - L48 with TH350 transmission. Just to show the difference between a big-block and small-block stamping, all big-block engine ID stamps were on the left of the engine pad with the assembly plant's partial VIN stamped on the right where small-blocks were just the opposite, engine ID stamp on the right with the partial VIN on the left. Also note the Kansas City partial VIN stamping is upside down which is typical of Kansas City in 1970.

Van Nuys, California

Partial VIN stamp for Van Nuys on rough cast area by oil filter

T0702CTW - L34 with TH400 transmission.

T0311CRR - LS6 with TH400 transmission.  Questionable due to the second "R" being out of alignment and font does not look correct.

Van Nuys partial VIN
Oil filter pad, Van Nuys, CA.

Oshawa, Ontario

Oshawa, Ontario

Oshawa, Ontario

Miscellaneous Engine ID Stamp

T0116CRV - LS6 with manual transmission

T0213CTX - L34 with manual transmission (suspect)

T0219CRT - LS5 with manual transmission

CE (Chevrolet Engine) warranty replacement engines.

A good example of how NOT to restamp an engine pad.  Characters not aligned and wrong fonts.

Sample Engine Compartments

These are just examples of the various engines offered in 1970 and are NOT meant to show 100% correctness in the engine compartment layout.


Base 307/200hp

L48 - 350/300hp

L34 - 396/350hp

LS3 ~ 402/330hp

LS5 ~ 454/360hp

LS6 ~ 454/450p

LS6 ~ 454/450p with CO coded dual snorkel air cleaner assembly used on mid to late LS6 454 engines without Cowl Induction Hood to replace the open element air cleaner assembly.