1966 Chevelle Engine Photos & 396 cid Engine Production Numbers

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1966 396 V8 Engine Production

The base engine for the SS396 series for 1966 was the L35 396cid 325hp engine. This engine (along with the L34 and L78) was also an optional engine in the El Camino and 1,865 L35 engines were sold in the El Camino body style. There were 72,272 SS396 sport coupes (66,380) and convertibles (5,393) sold. There is no way to know how many of the base L35 engines were sold in SS396 sport coupes and/or convertibles. One can only take the number of L35 options known to be sold in the El Camino body style (1,865) and subtract that from the total number reported by Tonawanda and arrive at a number that would include Total L35 SS396 Chevelles and Service Engines.

One cannot take the number of L34 or L78 engines into account for SS396 sales only since these were also available in the El Camino and only a total number of L34 and L78 options are known; what body style they went into is not known. Since it cannot be determined how many L35 engines were sold in the base SS396 series (Total L35 Engines) and the number of L35 service engines cannot be determined.

L35 engines could be equipped with either a Rochester (or Carter equivalent) Quadrajet carburetor or Holley carburetor; all L34 and L78 engines were equipped with a Holley carburetor.

L35/K19325ManualEH03,775Rochester & A.I.R.
    47,781Total L35 Engines
    46,277 *Total L35 Chevelles
See paragraph above concerning service engines.01,554Service Engines
    25,822Total L34 Engines
    24,811Total L34 Chevelles
96.1% of total L34 engine production went into Chevelles in 1966.01,011Service Engines
    3,167Total L78 Engines
    3,099Total L78 Chevelles
    0,068Service Engines
97.9% of total L78 engine production went into Chevelles in 1966

* It is known that 1,865 of these L35 engines were sold as options in the two El Camino series.
** There seem to be quite a number of L35 Powerglide engines stamped with EKH when equipped with a Holley carburetor.
Courtesy Jacquie Benthin Courtesy Jacquie Benthin Courtesy Jacquie Benthin Courtesy Jacquie Benthin
Courtesy Jacquie Benthin    

Big-Block Engine Pad Examples

T1111EF ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, November 11, 1965 ~ EF, 396/360hp with manual transmission.

T1214EKH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, December14, 1965 ~ EKH, 396/325hp Powerglide transmission & Holley carburetor

T1220EDH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, December 20, 1965 - EDH, 396/325hp with manual transmission, A.I.R., Holley carburetor

T1228EH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, December 28, 1965 - EH, 396/325hp with manual transmission., A.I.R., Rochester carburetor

T0315EKH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, March 14, 1966 ~ EKH, 396/325hp Powerglide transmission & Holley carburetor

T0425EDH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, March 25, 1966 ~ EDH, 396/325hp manual transmission & Holley carburetor

Courtesy Mark Steine
T0426EG ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, April 26, 1966 ~ EG, 396/375hp manual transmission

T0607EDH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, June 7, 1966 ~ EDH, 396/325hp with manual transmission & Holley carburetor

T0705EKH ~ Tonawanda Engine Plant, July 5, 1966 ~ EKH, 396/325hp with Powerglide transmission & Holley carburetor

Small-Block Engine Pad Examples

T1013EAH  ~ Tonawanda, NY, October 13, 1965. The suffix code EAH indicates 327/275hp with manual transmission and Holley carburetor

F1030DH ~ Flint, MI, October 30, 1965. The suffix code DH indicates 283/220hp with Powerglide transmission

F1104DG ~ Flint, MI, November 4, 1965. The suffix code DG indicates 283/220hp with manual transmission

T1228DE ~ This one from Tonawanda Engine Plant and built December 28, 1965. The suffix code DE indicates 283/195hp with Powerglide transmission

F0318EE - Flint, MI, March 18, 1966. The suffix code EE indicates 327/275hp with Powerglide.

F0701EC - Flint, MI, July 1, 1966. The suffix code EC indicates 327/275hp with Powerglide and A.I.R.

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