1969 Chevelle Interior - Paint Colors

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Disclaimer: Components painted the two gloss percentages taken from Ditzler paint catalog.

Color Name0
Flat BlackX9317168C414428L
Dark BlueX13767169V229578LH
Dark TurquoiseX13768169V329579LH
Dark SaddleX22974168B829458L
Dark GoldX23153168B779583L
Midnight GreenX43993169V369582LH
Dark GreenX43994169V349581LH
Dark RedX71643167C53R9580LM

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following convertible parts are painted in 0% gloss in black, Ditzler Code #DIA-9266 regardless of material color:
Folding top front and side roof rail assembly; folding top side roof rail lock assembly; folding top front center and rear bow assembly; folding roof rail linkage.

Color Name30
Dark BlueX13789169B299586LH
Dark TurquoiseX13792169V209588LH
Medium BlueX13786169V219585LH
Medium TurquoiseX13787169V239587LH
Medium SaddleX22968168B859475L
Dark SaddleX22994168B819488L
Medium GoldX23160169C759549L
Dark GoldX23161169C769590L
Midnight GreenX44010169V359593LH
Dark GreenX44013169V319592LH
Medium GreenX44008169B329591L
Dark RedX71750166C56R9429LM

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following are painted in 30% gloss:
Lower instrument panel; a/c kick panel cover; ash tray face plate; glove box door and hinge; stereo speaker and auxiliary speaker grille; instrument panel trim plate; glove box garnish moldings; seat separator compartment; instrument panel compartment door and hinge; stop arm and nose cover; inner panel of door and quarter panel; side rear roof rail; upper corner & lower center back window pin lace escutcheon; folding seat back pin molding and escutcheon; rear seat folding back panel extension; rear seat back support assembly; folding seat mounting support and linkage assembly; side air outlet control bushing shroud; rear window defogger grille assembly; inner door window frames; central pillar upper cover; front seat back from outer bar; rear seat folding back panel assembly; compartment front foundation retainer; front seat bottom frame; hinge pin inner support; front seat arm rest; lower trim cover; windshield upper garnish molding.