1965 Chevelle Interior Paint Colors

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Disclaimer: Components painted the two gloss percentages taken from Ditzler paint catalog..

Color Name0
BlackXDIA-9317 4428-L
Dark BlueXDIA-13010 9194-L
Dark SaddleXDIA-22534 9199-L
Dark FawnXDIA-22568 9202-L
GunmetalXDIA-32466 9191-L
Dark SlateXDIA-32467 9196-L
Medium GreenXDIA-43369 9196-L
Dark TurquoiseXDIA-43398 9197-L
Dark GreenXDIA-43420 9225-L
Dark RedXDIA-71486 9201-L

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following are painted flat (0% gloss):
Upper instrument panel; instrument panel compartment door; ash tray face plate; lower glove box door; air conditioning outlets; rear window defogger grille.

Color Name60
Medium BlueXDL-1300665V224630-L
Dark BlueXDL-1300765V239172-L
Dark TurquoiseXDL-1300865B329176-L
Dark FawnXDL-2253065V829182-L
Light FawnXDL-22569 9170-L
Medium SaddleXDL-2257065B834626-L
Medium FawnXDL-2257165B729171-L
Medium SlateXDL-3246965B144623-L
Dark BlueXDL-3247265V129175-L
Medium GreenXDL-4336765V324633-L
Medium TurquoiseXDL-4340065B314628-L
Medium RedXDL-7147465B539183-L

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following are painted in 60% gloss:
Lower instrument panel; instrument panel compartment door, hinge and step; windshield upper and side garnish moldings; door and quarter inner panel; window inner frames, center pillar; radio auxiliary speaker grille assembly; rear quarter window upper garnish moldings; tail gate window opening, upper garnish moldings, assembly tail gate inner panel; folding top parts; seat parts; rail side roof rear; side roof inner rail; spare tire well parts.