Car has no VIN plate but owner has title with VIN.

Here, in his own words, are what happened when he tried to get a state-issued VIN.
"I had all the paper work filled out as needed by me and the seller of the Chevelle. I also had the car sand blasted so they could see that there was no body modification. I was now told that they would not issue the car a new vin# for there is no vin# anywhere on the car. Even if i had a title with a vin# there was now way to prove that it was the original vin#. If the car had the original frame and the title vin# matched the partial vin# on the frame they still would not issue me a vin# for there is no partial vin# on the body. I was also told that you are never to remove a vin# tag even if it is to restore a car as you stated in your forum. So that's it."