Fisher Body Style Number

The Fisher Body Style Number does not necessarily correlate with the GM VIN as to whether the car was built with an L6 or V8 engine but it's believed that beginning in 1970 after the consolidation of the General Motors Assembly Division (GMAD) more plants were beginning to do so. In 1972 all US plants were displaying their trim tags with an odd 3rd digit when the car was an L6.

Chevrolet revamped their series naming somewhat in the U.S. again for 1971 The Chevelle Standard 133/134xx series now became the Chevelle Chevelle causing much confusion today.

To further confuse things a bit, GM changed the format of their VIN to show series and style but Fisher Body remained the same. So the data here pertains ONLY to the Fisher Body Number Plate.


Style NumberDesignation
131/13236Nomad 4-door wagon
13436Greenbrier 4-door wagon, 2-seat
133/13437Chevelle 2-door sport coupe
13446Greenbrier 4-door wagon, 3-seat
133/13469Chevelle 4-door sedan
133/13480Chevelle 2-door sedan pickup (El Camino)
13636Concours 4-door wagon, 2-seat
135/13637Malibu 2-door sport coupe
13639Malibu 4-door sport sedan
13646Concours 4-door wagon, 3-seat
135/13669Malibu 4-door sedan
13667Malibu convertible
13680Malibu 2-door sedan pickup (El Camino)
13836Concours Estate 4-door wagon, 2-seat
13846Concours Estate 4-door wagon, 3-seat
13857Monte Carlo 2-door coupe