Paint Color Code(s) - Oshawa

Canada offered more colors than the U.S. on their Chevelles and had somewhat similar but noticeable different sales names. It's not known for certain what two-tone schemes were available and it can only be assumed the same as offered in the U.S. would be available and possibly others as well. Paint codes listed may not all be applicable to the Chevelle.

Code Color
11 Antique White
14 Pewter Silver Metallic
19 Tuxedo Black
24 Ascot Blue Metallic
25 Mediterranean Blue
26 Mulsanne Blue Metallic
36 Spring Green Metallic
43 Gulf Green Metallic
46 Oasis Green Metallic
48 Sequoia Green Metallic
50 Covert Tan
53 Placer Gold Metallic
54 Desert Gold Metallic
56 Cream Yellow
57 Golden Brown Metallic
63 Mohave Gold Metallic
65 Orange Flame Metallic
68 Midnight Bronze Metallic
75 Cranberry Red
Two Tone Lower / Upper
26 11 Mulsanne Blue / Antique White
43 11 Gulf Green / Antique White
48 11 Sequoia Green / Antique White
57 11 Golden Brown / Antique White
63 11 Mohave Gold / Antique White
65 11 Orange Flame / Antique White
Two Tone Lower / Upper - El Camino only. The 'Upper' body color is actually the primary body color with the 'Lower' color being applied below the lower belt line and the top.
See the El Camino gallery for examples. It is not certain that Canada offered these combinations as well but are listed here for completeness.
26 11 Mulsanne Blue / Antique White
53 11 Placer Gold / Antique White
63 11 Mohave Gold / Antique White
75 11 Cranberry Red / Antique White
57 53 Golden Brown / Placer Gold
Letter Convertible Top Color
A White
B Black
Letter Vinyl Top Color
A White
B Black
D Blue
F Medium Tan
G Medium Green
T Light Covert