Paint Color Code(s)

The paint code generally consists of either two pair of 2-digit numbers or a 2-digit number and a letter. The first 2-digit number designates the lower body color and the second 2-digit number designates the upper body color. In the case of a convertible or a Chevelle with a vinyl top, the second 2-digit number is replaced with a letter to indicate the color of the top.

The 'color' listed is the Chevrolet sales name and may vary with the same color for a Canadian Chevelle. Internally Chevrolet used simple names like light blue, dark blue, red, etc.

11Antique White
13Nevada Silver
19Tuxedo Black
24Ascot Blue
26Mulsanne Blue
42Cottonwood Green
43Lime Green
49Antique Green
52Sunflower Yellow
53Placer Gold
62Burnt Orange
67Classic Copper
75Cranberry Red
(blank)Special paint (Arlington) Depiction of special paint at other plants not known at this time.
Two ToneLower / Upper
26 11Mulsanne Blue / Antique White
43 11Lime Green / Antique White
49 11Antique Green / Antique White
53 11Placer Gold / Antique White
61 11Sandalwood / Antique White
62 11Burnt Orange / Antique White
LetterConvertible Top Color
LetterVinyl Top Color
CDark Blue
FDark Brown
GDark Green