Paint Color Code(s) - Oshawa

Canada offered more colors than the U.S. on their Chevelles and had somewhat similar but noticeable different sales names. It's not known for certain what two-tone schemes were available and it can only be assumed the same as offered in the U.S. would be available and possibly others as well. Paint codes listed may not all be applicable to the Chevelle.

Code Color
10 Classic White
14 Cortez Silver Poly
17 Shadow Gray Poly
19 Tuxedo Black
25 Astro Blue Poly
26 Mulsanne Blue Poly
28 Fathom Blue Poly
34 Misty Turquoise Poly
43 Citrus Green Poly
45 Green Mist Poly
48 Forest Green Poly
50 Gobi Beige
51 Daytona Yellow
52 Sunflower Yellow
55 Champagne Gold Poly
58 Autumn Gold Poly
63 Desert Sand Poly
65 Hugger Orange
67 Classic Copper Poly
75 Cranberry Red
78 Black Cherry Poly
Two Tone Lower / Upper
25 10 Astro Blue / Classic White
25 28 Astro Blue / Fathom Blue
28 25 Fathom Blue / Astro Blue
34 10 Misty Turquoise / Classic White
55 10 Champagne Gold / Classic White
58 10 Autumn Gold / Classic White
63 10 Desert Sand / Classic White
Letter Convertible Top Color
1A White
1B Black
Letter Vinyl Top Color
A White (2A is found on a very early car, 9A and only A was used after that)
B Black
C Dark Blue
G Dark Green
H Dark Gold