Paint Color Code(s) - Oshawa

Canada offered more colors than the U.S. on their Chevelles and had somewhat similar but noticeable different sales names. For example all U.S. colors with the exception of Ermine White, Regal Red, Cameo Beige, Crocus Yellow, and Tuxedo Black have 'Metallic' added to the sales name. It's not known for certain what two-tone schemes were available and it can only be assumed the same as offered in the U.S. would be available and possibly others as well.

Oshawa had both enamel and lacquer paints available. If the two-letter paint code is preceded by the number 3 the paint is lacquer, if preceded by the number 9 the paint is enamel. Convertible top colors are not listed here but rather on the last line of the tag with RPO codes.

Code Color
A Tuxedo Black
C Provincial White
D Nantucket Blue Metallic
E Deepwater Blue Metallic
F Marina Blue Metallic
G Granada Gold Metallic
H Mountain Green Metallic
J Verde Green Metallic
K Emerald Turquoise Metallic
L Tahoe Turquoise Metallic
M Plum Mist Metallic
N Madeira Maroon Metallic
R Bolero Red
S Sierra Fawn Metallic
T Capri Cream
V Antique Pewter Metallic
Y Butternut Yellow
Two Tone Lower / Upper
CD Ermine White / Nantucket Blue
DC Nantucket Blue / Ermine White
DE Nantucket Blue / Deepwater Blue
ED Deepwater Blue / Nantucket Blue
GT Granada Gold / Capri Cream
ST Sierra Fawn / Capri Cream
Number Convertible Top Color
1 White
2 Black
4 Medium Blue
Number Vinyl Top Color
2 Black
6 Light Fawn