Paint Color Code(s)

The paint code generally consists of either two letters or a letter and a number. The first letter designates the lower body color and the second letter designates the upper body color. In the case of a convertible or a Chevelle with a vinyl top, the second letter is replaced with a number to indicate the color of the top.

Atlanta, Framingham, and Kansas City will have a dash character between the lower and upper body colors such as A-A where Baltimore and Fremont do not. The 'color' listed is the Chevrolet sales name and may vary with the same color for a Canadian Chevelle. Internally Chevrolet used simple names like light blue, dark blue, red, etc.

Code Color
A Tuxedo Black
C Ermine White
D Nantucket Blue
E Deepwater Blue
F Marina Blue
G Granada Gold (On Kansas City trim tags the letter "G" is a smaller font than other plants)
H Mountain Green
K Emerald Turquoise
L Tahoe Turquoise
M Royal Plum
N Madeira Maroon
R Bolero Red
S Sierra Fawn
T Capri Cream
Y Butternut Yellow
O-O Special paint (Atlanta)
- - Special paint (Fremont)
Two Tone Lower / Upper
CD Ermine White / Nantucket Blue
DC Nantucket Blue / Ermine White
DE Nantucket Blue / Deepwater Blue
ED Deepwater Blue / Nantucket Blue
GT Granada Gold / Capri Cream
ST Sierra Fawn / Capri Cream
Number Convertible Top Color
1 White
2 Black
4 Medium Blue
Number Vinyl Top Color
2 Black
6 Light Fawn