Body and/or Final Assembly Plant

The final assembly plant is displayed as a 1 or 2 letter abbreviation.

Abbreviation Final Assembly Plant
AT - A* Atlanta, Georgia
BA - B* Baltimore, Maryland
BF Fremont, California
EP Euclid, Ohio (See explanation below)
KC - K* Kansas City, Missouri
VN Van Nuys, California
none shown Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Euclid, Ohio oddities

* When bodies were built at the Euclid, OH plant a single letter designated the final assembly plant. The Euclid, Ohio Fisher Body plant built many station wagons for Chevrolet and other GM divisions as well as El Camino bodies for Chevrolet and final assembly of the chassis and finished vehicles were done at the more 'traditional' plants such as Atlanta, Baltimore and Kansas City. Those destined for the Atlanta or Baltimore final assembly plant will typically have the letter "A" or "B" directly below the body number or directly after the style number and those destined for the Kansas City final assembly plant will have the letter "K" stamped below the body number or after the style number on later model year tags.

It's been found that the location final assembly plant destination letter changed position sometime around May of 1964.