Paint Color Code(s)

Fremont is the only 1964 plant to use letters for the exterior paint code(s). The first letter designates the upper body color while the second letter designates the lower body color. Fremont paint codes have a third letter to designate the paint color of the wheels. If that third letter is A (indicating black) the car came with full wheel covers; if the third letter is one of the body colors (such as C for white) then the car came with only hub caps (or 'dog dish' as some people mistakenly call them). Sometimes the third letter is separated with a space (e.g., EE E) and sometimes not (e.g., CCC).

 Note that with two-tone colors the first color listed is the upper body color followed by the lower body color. To date no convertible have been found for Fremont.

Code Color
A Tuxedo Black
J Meadow Green
E Bahama Green
F Silver Blue
W Daytona Blue
P Azure Aqua
Q Lagoon Aqua
T Almond Fawn
V Ember Red
S Saddle Tan
C Ermine White
R Desert Beige
D Satin Silver
K Goldwood Yellow (Malibu SS only color)
L Palomar Red
Two Tone Upper / Lower
EJ Bahama Green / Meadow Green
CJ Ermine White / Meadow Green
CF Ermine White / Silver Blue
WF Daytona Blue / Silver Blue
CQ Ermine White / Lagoon Aqua
RS Desert Beige / Saddle Tan
RV Desert Beige / Ember Red
WD Daytona Blue / Satin Silver
CP Ermine White / Azure Blue
RL Desert Beige / Palomar Red
DL Satin Silver / Palomar Red
Number Convertible Top Color
1 White
2 Black
3 Beige