Paint Color Code(s)

The paint code generally consists of a 3-digit number. The exception is Kansas City convertible, then a 4th digit is added to denote the convertible top color. Baltimore convertibles do not show a convertible top color and Van Nuys will show the convertible top color immediately after the trim code.

For convertibles built at the Euclid plant destined for either Atlanta or Kansas City, the convertible top color immediately follows the TRIM code.

Code Color
900 Tuxedo Black
905 Meadow Green
908 Bahama Green
912 Silver Blue
916 Daytona Blue
918 Azure Aqua
919 Lagoon Aqua
920 Almond Fawn
922 Ember Red
932 Saddle Tan
936 Ermine White
938 Desert Beige
940 Satin Silver
943 Goldwood Yellow (Malibu SS only color)
948 Palomar Red
SPC Special paint - no specific color is noted
Two Tone Upper / Lower
952 Bahama Green / Meadow Green
954 Ermine White / Meadow Green
959 Ermine White / Silver Blue
960 Daytona Blue / Silver Blue
965 Ermine White / Lagoon Aqua
971 Desert Beige / Saddle Tan
975 Desert Beige / Ember Red
982 Daytona Blue / Satin Silver
988 Ermine White / Azure Blue
993 Desert Beige / Palomar Red
995 Satin Silver / Palomar Red
Number Convertible Top Color
1 White
2 Black
3 Beige