Group Option Codes

Codes are listed by group and in alphabetical order within the group. A given Chevelle may have one or more from a single group or may not have any from a given group at all.

If you know of any codes not listed here, please email me with details - (1) year, (2) body date, (3) plant, (4) group number, (5) letter code, (6) option if known, and a photo of the tag would be appreciated.

Group 1 - No number precedes Group 1
D ~ Power convertible top [RPO C06]E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
F ~ Power bench seat [RPO A41]G ~ Power tailgate [RPO A33]
W ~ Tinted windshield (only) [RPO A02]X ~ Power windows [RPO A31]
Group 2 - preceded by the number "2"
K ~ Air conditioning [RPO C60]L ~ 4-speed transmission [RPO M20]
M ~ Powerglide transmission [RPO M35]N ~ AM/FM Stereo multiplex [RPO U79]
P ~ Comfort & Convenience group [RPO Z01/Z13] ***R ~ Rear speaker [RPO U80] *
S ~ Rear antenna [RPO U73] **Y ~ Suspect two-tone for Kansas City
U ~ Unknown ***** 
Group 3
B ~ Rear window defogger [RPO C50]C ~ Instrument panel pad [RPO B70]
Group 4
F ~ Comfort & Convenience group [RPO Z01/Z13] *** 
Group 5
V ~ Seat belt equipment [RPO A37] (Discontinued 2/64)W ~ Custom deluxe seat belts with retractors [RPO A49]
O ~ Unknown **** 

* There is no reported RPO U80 rear seat speaker shown for 1964.  Rather RPO Z02 is listed as PUSH BUTTON RADIO AND AUXILIARY SPEAKER. U80 is shown here for consistency with 1965-1967 group codes.

** There is no reported RPO U73 rear antenna shown for 1964. Rather RPO U60/U63 shows both front antenna and rear antenna. U73 is shown here for consistency with 1965-1967 group codes.

*** RPO Z01 is Type A (Malibu/Malibu SS) and Z13 is Type B (300) with difference being the remote mirror is included with Type A.
Found on 017, 028, N27 Kansas City trim tag
Found on 10A Atlanta trim tag
Found on 10C Van Nuys trim tag

**** Found on 2B Van Nuys sport coupe, 06C KC Malibu sport coupe, 05D Atlanta Malibu SS convertible with body built at Euclid, 05B Custom El Camino body built at Euclid.

***** Found on 03C KC Malibu SS sport coupe tag.