CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved    

Tired of incomplete, incorrect, or hard to read information and can't see details in photos?

Tired of poor information simply regurgitated from a bad source?

Tired of not enough information to draw an intelligent conclusion to what you have or what your need?

Don't have an SS396? So what? Do you find your 'plain Jane' Malibu, 300/300 Deluxe, El Camino, or station wagon forgotten about? Not here!

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CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

This compact disc is devoted entirely to the 1966 and 1967 Chevelle model years. Over 5000 readable color photographs and drawings actually big enough to see and read. Decoding information, part numbers (from both Assembly Instruction Manual and Parts & Accessories Catalog [circa 1971/72]). All data specs collected and/or verified directly from GM's own documentation sources and knowledgeable owners and restorers.  No more "This is the way everyone does it" or "That's what I've been told," just the facts.

In my opinion, many reference materials on the market today are wide in concept but narrow in data collection and tend to be too general, too old and, sadly, based on too few observations when being claimed as 'fact.'

The Reference CD is not a restoration guide as such, but rather an extensive collection of information I've accumulated over the years - with more than 1900browser-based pages and growing, over 5000 readable photos and drawings - all assembled onto a single CD.

There are multiple examples of Fisher Body plates from ALL Chevelle assembly plants, including Canada. Did you know that no two plants had the same information on their body plates? What do all those numbers and letters mean? Examples of warranty card Protect-O-Plates from most assembly plants show how the major assemblies such as engine, transmissions, and rear end assembly dates differ from final assembly dates.

Photos of every single factory color Chevelle offered, including most two-tone combinations, numerous interior photos, engine detail photos, options available, and many option quantities and costs. So much information for the 1966 & 1967 Chevelle in one place! Here is some of what you'll find on this information packed CD.

Body: Exterior dimensions, Production Numbers, series/model, Paint Colors, Trunks, Hoods.
Chassis: Dimensions, Springs (front & rear), Suspension (front & rear), Vehicle Weights.
Documentation: Fisher Body plates, VIN plates, Build/Trim Sheets, Protect-O-Plates.
Electrical: Bulbs/Lamps/Fuses, wiring diagrams.
Engine ID suffix codes, air cleaners, starters, carburetors, blocks, heads, etc.
Trim codes, radio, dash & speedometer, seat belts.
Std/Opt Equipment: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price on the various models, available options and, where available, option costs.
Tech Info: Various calculators for RPM/Gear Ratios/Speed/Cubic Inches/etc., HEI conversion, troubleshooting and more.
Tires/Wheels/Brakes: Tire sizes, wheel covers, brake system.
Trans/Rear: Muncie identification, axle codes/ratios, drive shafts.
Chevelle Photo Gallery: Many color photos of almost every model, both stock and modified.
El Camino Specific: Information that is unique to the 'sedan pickup' series.

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CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

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