Due to numerous requests, this website is now available on CD-ROM!

Chevellestuff.com website CD

Need access to Chevelle information when you're on the road or missing an Internet connection? Now you can have access to all this valuable information regardless of where you are. ChevelleStuff is proud to offer the entire web contents of the ChevelleStuff.Net site on CD-ROM.

Since the site is updated frequently, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, the CD you receive will be current as of the day it is mailed. That means I'll burn the CD using the latest information on the site!

Cost is only $15.00 to cover time, materials and mailing costs. I accept PayPal, cash, money order (USPS only), and personal check (checks and non USPS money orders must wait 10 working days from the time I receive it to clear my bank).

If you have a PayPal account, log in to your account and select the Send Money tab. Then fill out the first page as shown below. The PayPal account below cannot accept credit cards or e-checks. Email me for another PayPal account I have that can accept those commercial forms of payment.

CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved
CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved
Please specify you are purchasing the ChevelleStuff.Net website CD in the Message area so I will know what the payment is for.

If you'd rather pay by cash, check, or USPS money order, simply send $15.00 to:

CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

Again, please note that you are purchasing the ChevelleStuff.Net website CD and do not forget to include your email address.