The engine identification code consists of the engine assembly plant, the engine assembly date, and 3 letter suffix indicating the cubic inch displacement, the horsepower rating, and generally, what type of transmission was to be installed with the engine. Manual transmissions required a bushing in the rear of the bellhousing where an automatic transmission did not. Many engine "accessories" such as the carburetor, distributor, and exhaust manifolds were not installed at the engine assembly plant but rather at the final assembly plant.

K = McKinnon Industries assembly plant
0818 - August 18
CKD = 350/175 L48 w/TH350

Engine Assembly Plant - 1st letter

Code Assembly Plant
F or V Flint, Michigan
T Tonawanda Engine Plant
*K McKinnon Industries, ON
Assembly Month - 1st and 2nd numbers
Number Month Number Month
01 January 02 February
03 March 04 April
05 May 06 June
07 July *08 August
09 September 15 October
11 November 12 December

Assembly Day - 3rd and 4th numbers




Code Size HP  
CAH 250-1 110 Manual-3 Low Compression Engine
CBA 250-1   Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CBD 250-1   Manual-3 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), taxi NB2
CBG 250-1 110 Manual-3  
CBJ 250-1 110 Powerglide  
CBK 250-1 110 Powerglide Taxi
CDL 250-1 110 Powerglide A.I.R.
CDM 250-1 110 Standard A.I.R.
CSD 250-1   Powerglide A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
307 ↓        
CAY 307-2   Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CAZ 307-2   Powerglide A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CKG 307-2 130 Standard  
CKH 307-2 130 Powerglide  
CMA 307-2   TH-350 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CTK 307-2 130 TH-350  
350 ↓        
CAR 350-2 165-L65 TH-350 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), Police NB2
CDA 350-2 165-L65 Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CDD 350-4 175-L48 TH-350 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CDG 350-2 165-L65 Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CKA 350-2 165-L65 Manual-3/4  
CKB 350-2 165-L65 TH-350  
*CKD 350-4 175-L48 TH-350  
CKK 350-4 175-L48 Manual-4  
CMD 350-2 165-L65 TH-350 A.I.R./Smog CAM (Calif), NB2
CSH 350-2 165-L65 TH-350 Police
CTL 350-2 165-L65 TH-350  
402 ↓        
CLA (1) 402-4 240-LS3 Manual-4  
CLB (1) 402-4 240-LS3 TH-400  
CLS 402-4 240-LS3 Manual-3  
CTA 402-4 240-LS3 Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Police - Taxi
CTB 402-4 240-LS3 TH-400 A.I.R.
CTJ 402-4 240-LS3 TH-400 A.I.R./Police - Taxi
454 ↓        
CPA 454-4 270-LS5 Manual-3/4  
CPD 454-4 270-LS5 TH-400  
CRW 454-4 270-LS5 TH-400 A.I.R.
CRX 454-4 270-LS5 Manual-3/4 A.I.R.

(1) CLA, CLB, and CLS engine codes are shown in numerous publications but there is an ongoing debate if a 402 engine without A.I.R. was ever installed in a 1972 Chevelle, regardless of final assembly plant. If anyone has documented proof such as a build sheet or warranty Protect-O-Plate card showing either CLA, CLB, or CLS engine codes, please contact me via the Contact page.