Solid colors are noted with two letters for lower and upper color - example AA is black lower/black upper
* Vinyl top or convertible top color is noted with a letter for the lower body color and a number for the top material color. But, see caveat below for more information.

Code Color Code Color
*A *Tuxedo Black L Tahoe Turquoise
C Ermine White M Royal Plum
D Nantucket Blue N Madeira Maroon
E Deepwater Blue R Bolero Red
F Marina Blue S Sierra Tan
G Granada Gold T Capri Cream
H Mountain Green Y Butternut Yellow
K Emerald Turquoise    


Example A2 would be a black car with a black color vinyl or convertible top.

* Caveat: Not all P-O-P's are created equal. I have examples of Chevelles with KNOWN convertible and vinyl tops but the color is not specified even though the body color is and I have examples of Chevelles with vinyl tops that the P-O-P does designate the vinyl top color.

Code Vinyl Top Color Code Convertible Top Color
2 Black 1 White
6 Beige 2 Black
    4 Medium Blue