1967 Chevelle Rear Axle Identification

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The rear axle identification code consists of a two letter prefix indicating the gear ratio, four digits indicating the assembly date as month/day, and a single letter suffix indicating the manufacturing location. The identification code should be stamped on the bottom or font of right axle tube either adjacent to the carrier housing or about 8" - 10" inboard from the backing plates.

Example: CB1012W decodes to CB ~ 3.36:1, 1025 ~ Month [Oct] and Day [12], W ~ Warren (B=Buffalo, G=Chevrolet Gear & Axle, K=McKinnon Industries). See bottom of page for photo examples.

Casting Numbers:
12-Bolt Casting #N3894939 (narrow early model year), #NF3917124 (wide late model year)*
10-Bolt Casting #3894938N

* (Note: For what it's worth, ALL 67 rear ends I've ever seen were the narrow variety and used the spring cup like 68-72 but were narrower like the 64-66. I do have photos of a June 1967 cast #3917124 rear end but the assembly date is October - obviously for a 1968 model year Chevelle. However, a June 1967 casting date rear end such as this might have found its way into very late 1967 model year Chevelles as well and could be the basis for the statement in an article from Car Craft magazine some years ago titled "Inside 64-72 A-Bodies".)

The casting numbers/letters on rear end housings may have either a prefix or suffix of "N" or "NF" and no reason has been found yet why they may have one or the other.

PrefixAxle Ratio
CD3.07:1 ~ Positraction
CE3.08:1 ~ Positraction
CF3.31:1 ~ Positraction
CG3.36:1 ~ Positraction
CH2.73:1 ~ Positraction
CI3.73:1 ~ Positraction
CJ3.07:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
CK3.07:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
CL2.73:1 ~ Positraction
CM2.73:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
CN3.31:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
CO3.31:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
CR3.70:1 ~ Positraction
CS2.56:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
CT3.73:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
CU3.73:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
KB3.55:1 ~ Positraction
KC2.73:1 ~ Positraction
KE2.56:1 ~ Positraction
KF3.55:1 ~ Positraction
KG3.55:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
KH3.55:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KI2.56:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
KK4.10:1 ~ Positraction
KL4.10:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KM4.56:1 ~ Positraction
KN4.56:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KO4.88:1 ~ Positraction
KP4.88:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KQ2.73:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KR2.73:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
KS3.07:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KT3.07:1 ~ Positraction w/Metallic Brakes
KU3.31:1 ~ w/Metallic Brakes
KV3.31:1 ~ Positraction
KW2.73:1 ~ Positraction
KX3.07:1 ~ Positraction
Assembly Month - 1st and 2nd numbers

Assembly Day - 3rd and 4th numbers

Rear Axle Assembly Plant - 5th letter

CodeAssembly Plant
BBuffalo, NY
GChevrolet Gear & Axle
WWarren, MI
KMcKinnon Industries

The gear ratio code, date, and rear axle assembly plant are generally stamped into the right (passenger side) axle housing facing forward and exact locations may vary slightly. This is an example from a 1967 Chevelle and is stamped CB 1012 W.  The "CB" letters are the original ID code for a 3.36:1 ratio, 1012 is the assembly date of October 12, and the "W" indicates the plant code for Warren, MI. This identification may not always be stamped clearly and the area is often covered with years of road grime so it may take some scrubbing to reveal it.

CB ~ 3.36:1, October 12, Warren

CZ ~ 2.73:1, December 21, Buffalo

KW ~ Positraction 2.73:1, April 18

KO ~ 4.88:1, September 28, 1966 - Courtesy Jeff Helms

Casting Date Examples

Casting date example of F 21 7 for June 21, 1967

Courtesy Mark Orton
Casting date example of L 14 7 for December 14, 1967

Casting Number Examples

1967-1969 ~ Variations of casting number 3917124


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